Senator Manchin Makes It Clear He Will Torpedo Biden’s Whole Agenda

Amnaj Khetsamtip/
Amnaj Khetsamtip/

The biggest item on Biden’s agenda is the Build Back Better plan, which makes no sense to anybody who isn’t guzzling down the left’s Kool-Aid by the gallon. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) are the only two Democrats who refuse to quench their thirst on these broken hopes and dreams.

The BBB is the ‘key’ to Biden making America great again in his Alzheimer’s riddled mind. Yet he refuses to see it for what it is; wasteful spending with no significant benefit for the American people long term, and no proper way to pay for this plan. This is part of the biggest reason Manchin has been so adamant about not going with the flow on the Democrat’s creek.

“As more of the real details outlined in the basic framework are released, what I see are shell games — budget gimmicks that make the real cost of the so-called $1.75 trillion bill estimated to be almost twice that amount if the full time is run out. If you extended it permanently. And that we haven’t even spoken about.” This quote from Sen. Manchin points out exactly what should scare people about this idea.

Many have attacked Sen.’s Manchin and Sinema over their outright refusals to jump on board with this plan, going so far as to approach Sen. Sinema in the restrooms in Arizona and boating right up to Sen. Manchin’s yacht to voice their displeasure. These attacks have done nothing to encourage them to reverse their position if anything it has strengthened their resolve.

We have seen the results of these ‘paid for’ programs like Obamacare in the past. We know that nothing is truly paid for until the people are being heavily taxed for it. This idea that the BBB is already funded and would be funded for a long time is nothing more than a joke. Sen. Manchin knows that, too, and his decision to keep the course is a smart move on his part.

With elections coming up, his position could change but that is highly unlikely. He sees the writing on the wall for what it is and is trying to keep the American people from becoming dependent on programs that do nothing to help the American taxpayer, and instead look to threaten their way of life by making them dependent on Government programs that lead them down the path towards socialism.

As Manchin pointed out, we are already failing to take care of the programs we have in place. “How can I in good conscience vote for a bill that proposes massive expansions of social programs when vital programs like Social Security and Medicare face insolvency and benefits could start being reduced as soon as 2026 in Medicare and 2033 in Social Security? How does that make sense? I don’t think it does.” He’s right, it doesn’t make sense.

We already need reform on so many programs as it is. Between Social Security needing an overhaul, Veteran’s benefits being cut to near nonexistent levels, Medicare becoming a farce compared to years past, and the influx of illegal immigrants, we are in perilous waters. This BBB plan would have only complicated things and placed an even bigger burden on the American taxpayer. Sen. Manchin saw this firsthand and looks to keep us from experiencing a bigger burden than necessary. The only problem? The Dems have the majority, and they’re quickly passing legislation through the House that could ruin America as we know it…