Kamala Harris Needs Direction to Southern Border…Heads to Paris to Address Immigration Crisis

Kim Wilson /
Kim Wilson /

It’s as if Kamala Harris wakes up every morning with a mission to be the worst vice president ever. She was supposed to fix the immigration problem in the United States…and it’s only gotten worse. Now, she’s headed to Europe to address the illegal immigration crisis.

Did she forget where the crisis is? There’s no need for her to go to Paris. The problem is down in Texas, along the southern border. Since she’s from California, she shouldn’t need directions. But, just in case, can someone please give her a road map?

Harris left for her third foreign trip since becoming the VP. She’s headed to “ground zero” of the illegal immigration crisis. Only, she thinks that means that she has to go to Europe.

As first reported by the New York Post, Harris is headed to Paris to spend four days meeting with not only French President Emmanuel Macron but also German Chancellor Angela Merkel…along with other leaders. They’ll all be gathering to mark Armistice Day which marks the end of World War I.

There are so many issues with what is going on this week.

First, why is it that the VP is going when it should be the president? After all, Macron and Merkel are the leaders. As such, it should be America’s leader there as well. But, Biden’s exhausted from his eco summits. He needs a nap, so he’s sending in someone just as useless to take his place.

While Harris is in France, she’ll be participating in the Paris Conference on Libya. It is all part of a diplomatic effort that helps to encourage Libyan elections to be more peaceful. It’s designed to slow the illegal migrants that are escaping out of Libya for Europe.

Wait…why is it that Harris is participating in this? She doesn’t have a connection to Libya or Europe. Meanwhile, in the country that she is employed by, illegal migration is out of control. This is almost worth laughing hysterically at if it wasn’t so sad. She cares more about Europe than she does the U.S.

Does the Paris Conference actually expect Harris to provide any useful insight? It’s unlikely if they’ve been watching how she’s been dealing with the migrations that we have going on here. They probably are going to do more than just hide in their offices and ignore the problem. That means that Harris is simply going to sit there and do nothing. But, that’s what she’s good at…

A member of the senior Biden administration, who wishes to go unnamed, offered an explanation as to why Harris is attending this summit on illegal immigration. “Harris will voice a deep concern for human rights and the situation of migrants and refugees, and reinforce the imperative of protecting vulnerable people, including those fleeing conflict.”

First of all, that could have been done in an email.

Second of all, she should look at the human rights issues happening in the US, such as letting COVID-positive illegal aliens infect the U.S. And, let’s not forget about those who are committing violent crimes on our citizens.

Kamala Harris didn’t need to go to Europe. But she’s going because someone has to. And, since Biden only makes things worse when he goes anywhere, they’ll send in number two. If only number two was capable of doing half of what she thinks she can do…