DeSantis Infuriates the Clowns As Police Officers Are Being Hired Without Vaccinations

Marco Borghini /
Marco Borghini /

The Democrats are loving life as they watch hardworking people get fired from their jobs. Biden’s illegal mandate is wrecking lives worse than what the pandemic has done. His ill-timed mandate could not have come worse. He has allowed inflation to run unchecked and even eliminated jobs for thousands of families around the country.

But Ron DeSantis is doing what he can do to help those who need work. Some of the hardest-hit areas are also seeing their police force diminishing under Biden’s strangulation. Major cities around the country have fallen victim to defunding the police idea only to have crime surge in those areas.

But the vaccine mandate is another weight that people do not need hanging around their necks. The Floridian governor is sick and tired of Biden’s hatred and attacks on people, so he is seeing to it to offer a $5,000 sign-on bonus to any police officer who would be willing to move to Florida for work. And the significant part is that they do not need to be vaccinated.

The mass media has already tried to smash the idea. MSNBC has claimed, according to the Daily Wire, that “Are you big on ordering people to comply, but you hate complying with health mandates yourself? Do you dream of arresting people’s ability to breathe while you arrest them? Well, pack up your potentially infectious self, your badge, and your gun, and come on down to Florida. Take this taxpayer bonus money and enjoy constant interactions with vulnerable senior citizens you can breathe on. Every breakthrough case and ICU admission is the virus of freedom spreading. And don’t forget your sunscreen.”

The nasty reply to the governor’s offer from the liberal left is nothing but heartbreaking. They cannot stand to see people being helped by Republicans, and the Democrats have made life miserable and next to unbearable for millions of people.

The media passes on their lies as truth which only makes them look ignorant. DeSantis does not have a problem letting Americans live free as they have for hundreds of years. Only the Democrats have attempted to override freedom by robbing people of their right to choose what is best for themselves.

The governor’s office did not let the media’s lie go unchecked. And in excellent DeSantis fashion, he slammed them to the ground. His office stated that “The facts speak for themselves: Governor DeSantis announced this initiative back in August at the Fraternal Order of Police conference, as part of a package of proposals to recruit law enforcement officers from out of state. Vaccine mandates weren’t part of the conversation back then, and vaccination status wasn’t mentioned at all in the governor’s announcement.”

The police have been attacked and shunned by the very cities they have served with their lives. And now it is time for them to come to a new home where they will be loved and protected from harm. DeSantis has made it clear that they are welcome in the Sunshine state.

Matt Spoto is a police officer who served in New York City and has recently found a haven in Lakeland, Florida. He stated that “I was only in the NYPD for about two years. When I was there, I realized very quickly that the job was not what I expected — only because I wanted to do all these things to help people, but the tools and the laws that were set in front of me did not allow me to do so.”

The environment he left in New York was hostile towards law enforcement. And when he got to a Republican state, he could not believe how much the communities care about its officers. Spoto said that “I used to have to tell people I was like a bartender because I was, it was almost like I was ashamed to be a law enforcement officer.”

For him to admit he was in law enforcement would mean he was vulnerable to attack. He could be himself in an area of the country run by police-hating liberals. And now, that’s changed thanks to Republicans like DeSantis.