Scottsdale School Board Terrorizing ‘Outspoken’ Parents

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Scottsdale, AZ is known throughout the Phoenix area as ‘Snottsdale’ and this week shows why. Scottsdale Unified School District recently uncovered a Google Drive link with tons of derogatory information about outspoken parents publicly available for all to see if they have the link. This information included social security numbers, personal photos, financial records, and divorce proceedings to name a few.

Kim Stafford discovered the cache when emailed by the SUSD President Jann-Michael Greenberg about her supposed ‘anti-Semitic’ tweets concerning George Soros. Greenburg had screenshot the Tweets, and that’s where the Google Drive link was discovered. The Daily Caller was able to independently view and verify the contents of the now-deleted drive.

Folders labeled “SUSD Wackos”, “Press Conference Psychos”, and “Anti Mask Lunatics”. Within the “Press Conference Psychos” folder are images of parents with signs about “CRT is Racist” and “SUSD We Demand Transparency”. These records are very one-sided and take aim at a Facebook group called “Community Advocacy Network” (CAN).

CAN members are being targeted massively, specifically Amanda Wray. Wray found a folder that contains a credit deed of trust from Desert Financial Federal Credit Union, her mortgage, information on her family Air BnB property, and pictures of her children. She found herself becoming a target back in January when she was critical of Greenberg for ‘making a political rant during a school board meeting that’s supposed to be non-partisan’. As Wray says of the matter “I’m just a parent…I’m not a public official”.

Wray is not the only person alarmed with the SUSD treatment of parents and students. With highly controversial and highly conflicting mask mandates and a lack of transparency, SUSD has been finding itself in the crosshairs of many Americans’ wrath as of late. This targeting of American’s for disagreeing with the way policies is being enacted and taking the ‘my way or get gone’ mindset is incredibly toxic.

Unlike Wray, Amy Carney has come forward to run for the SUSD in November 2022. For now, she has been doing her research into the group and the Google Drive account. Speaking with the Daily Caller, she confirmed that it was Greenburg’s father Mark who had posted most of the information on the Drive and he was the owner of the drive.

Despite the information, the younger Greenburg is keeping daddy and his even more psychotic activities at arm’s length. “I have been sent screenshots of what is done on CAN. I have been sent videos, and yes, from parents, including my own father…Yes, people send me emails and text messages, but I don’t store them and I don’t know who stores them if that is what you are asking”. However, is this enough?

He knows what the elder Greenburg is up to and has been up to in the past. He has gone after numerous people over disagreements and stalked and harassed them for any minor differing point of view. From hiring ‘private investigators’ to tailing people on a motorcycle with hidden license plates, these are some crazy people.

The one thing I would think both sides can agree on is that none of this is healthy for the kids and taking away from the focus on their education is a horrible move. These kids need the best lessons they can get and have a focused homelife. Not worrying about some grown child with an agenda over a mask, religion, or a vaccine. This is a scary situation for all the families in the SUSD, and at this point, the AZ teacher’s union needs to interfere.

Currently, this is a shining example of what we have to look forward to her in America. The #MeToo, I’m a special snowflake, mommy and daddy make my failure ok, or ‘I can do anything I want’ mindsets are now raising children, and when they don’t get their way they attack; even over minor things. Do we need kids growing up thinking this is the right answer?