‘Mayor Pete’ Documentary is Lackluster at Best

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Pete Buttigieg was a lot more exciting when he was the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He was a proud representative of the LGTBQ community, and he was running in the presidential primaries. He had a lot to say, though it was extremely liberal. Still, it was fun to listen to.

Now that he’s the Secretary of Transportation, he’s become a bit boring. After all, this position isn’t known to be highly exciting.

Yet, that wasn’t going to stop Amazon from turning him into a sensation. A documentary was recently released, entitled “Mayor Pete.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t say much about who he is…and it falls flat in every possible way.

The documentary doesn’t really focus on Buttigieg as the Secretary of Transportation. So, we don’t get to hear his thoughts on Biden’s infrastructure plan. We don’t get to hear how he says that roads and highways across the U.S. are racist.

What we do get to see is countless behind-the-scenes footage throughout Buttigieg’s presidential campaign. We get to hear how he became a household name.

Throughout the primaries, many people felt that Buttigieg didn’t have enough political experience to be running. Most politicians run for president once they’ve become a governor, a Representative, or a Senator. But, Buttigieg is young. And he was a mayor…

MSNBC calls the “Mayor Pete” documentary “disappointing as a work of political journalism.” Though, they do point out that it is certainly a win for Buttigieg as a whole. Now that this documentary is on Amazon, it makes it easier for him to become an even bigger household name. Many may not have known anything about him. But, the documentary is available for anyone with an Amazon membership.

As we’re ending 2021 and closing in on the 2022 midterms, many politicians are looking at what their next move is going to be. For Buttigieg, he’s not ruling out a 2024 presidential run again.

Typically, the incumbent president would stay on the ticket. It’s hard to kick the sitting president off of the ticket. However, we’re talking about Biden. Considering that his approval rating is lower every time we look at it, there’s a very good chance he could get knocked off the ticket – even though he’s already said that he’ll be running again.

The director of the documentary, Adam Moss, looks at a lot of footage that tracks how Buttigieg evolved from an ambitious mayor to an improbable winner of the Iowa Democratic caucuses. He went a lot further than many expected him to go.

Now, on Amazon, we can watch him prepare for the debate stages as well as do laundry at home. Unfortunately, though, he often comes across as “stoic and other times as robotic.”

At a roundtable, Buttigieg said, “I’m running for president because I believe we’re at a moment that is really redefining the social, economic, political, perhaps moral life of our nation.”

The problem with this statement is that he lost. Someone else (Biden) has been in charge of providing the redefinition – and it’s affecting the moral life of our nation.

If Buttigieg were to run again, he’d have to make a very different statement to distance himself away from the path that Biden has dragged us. Unfortunately, Buttigieg has become Biden’s lapdog…and has moved into a position that no ambitious mayor would have expected after a failed presidential primary run.