Perks to Work the Holiday Rush? What Retailers are Forced to Do

Dikushin Dmitry/
Dikushin Dmitry/

The Biden administration has broken the economy. The workforce is significantly damaged. It’s impossible to drive through any major town without seeing “Help Wanted” signs posted on doors and windows. Virtually every industry is trying to hire simply to maintain basic staffing needs.

Now that we’re entering the holiday rush, many retailers look to increase their staffing needs. This is hard considering that the Biden administration is paying people to stay home. Many people don’t feel motivated to work. Their stimulus checks have fattened their savings accounts so there’s no need to grab a part-time job for the holiday season.

Retailers have to maintain sufficient staffing. It’s what keeps products on the shelves and cashiers at the registers. Otherwise, with insufficient staff in place, it can lead to long lines, frustrated customers, and even stolen inventory.

Unfortunately, many retailers don’t have the ability to pay a lot more money to their staff. They can’t compete with the Amazon warehouses offering $20 or more an hour. Retailers of all sizes are dealing with added costs thanks to the broken supply chains. And, they’re worried about how the liberals’ tax schemes will affect them for the new year.

Retailers are optimistic, though. And many have gotten very creative to come up with ways to entice people to come work for them…at least to get through the holiday rush.

In Connecticut, unemployment claims show that employers are still not luring enough people back into the workforce.

The CEO of ADP, Carlos Rodriguez, explained “Everyone now is looking for help in terms of hiring, attracting people – and frankly, also trying to hold on to them. This is not going to resolve itself overnight, in terms of the tightness in the labor market.”

The Connecticut Department of Labor showed that the unemployment rate is dropping, but not enough. The unemployment rate in September was 6.8 percent – nearly two points higher than the national rate.

The United Parcel Service is one of the companies that have looked for ways to get people hired. One ad offered not only $21 an hour but also an added $125 a week for the drivers who can deliver packages using their own cars, complete with a 56-cent a mile vehicle usage reimbursement.

It’s not just added pay that is being used as an incentive.

Target is offering tuition assistance. Amazon is offering sign-on bonuses of up to $3,000. Other companies are allowing employees to telework. Other companies are offering flexible hours, paid lunches, and more.

The founder of 7 Stage Advisors and a self-proclaimed entrepreneur, Carl Gould, was quick to point out that “right now, employees have the advantage. If I’m an employee, what I would do is, I would negotiate.” This seems to be the advice given by many. Employees know that they have the advantage, and they need to feel comfortable communicating their needs to companies so that positions can be filled.

If the economy is going to be fixed, the Biden administration has to stop with all of the handouts. The unemployment rate should prove that the handouts aren’t helping anything.

Until then, companies will have to get creative if they want to fill their vacancies. Otherwise, prepare for long lines or extended shipping times as you shop for the holiday season.