See Ya, Jack! Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey Steps Down

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You should know who Jack Dorsey is by now…he’s the CEO of Twitter who has been grilled so relentlessly by GOP members of Congress. He’s been the one hiding behind the “terms and conditions” of Twitter to allow for tweets to be flagged as “misinformation” and even for entire accounts to be deleted.

As Ben Shapiro joked, Dorsey stepped down so that he could spend more time with his beard.

Dorsey stepping down is great, though Ted Cruz is likely disappointed that he won’t be able to berate the liberal entrepreneur anymore. Anyone who has ever tuned into those legislative sessions was always rewarded with an entertaining show.

Perhaps Twitter can actually go back to the way it was intended to be – a social media platform. Rather than snowflakes getting upset by something that is posted, they can accept it for what it is – one person’s opinion.

There are a few things we have to look at with this story. Why did Dorsey step down? And, who is replacing him as CEO?

Dorsey resigned from Twitter with a letter on his account that was clear to mention “This was my decision.” Great, had anyone assumed differently? After all, he is both the founder and CEO. It would be hard to see anyone pressuring him to step down…unless he had nightmares of facing Cruz on Capitol Hill again.

Those who are in the know about all things in the tech world weren’t surprised to hear that Dorsey was stepping down. He’s been serving as the Twitter CEO since 2008. Twitter isn’t the only thing he has going on, though. He is also the CEO of “Square,” a digital payment company that has been thriving. Many compare it to PayPal in terms of all that it offers, including making it possible for food trucks and small businesses to take payments via mobile devices.

Since Dorsey co-founded Square in 2009, his time has been spread thin between the two companies. Some believe that stakeholders were pressuring the CEO, including Paul Singer and Elliott Management, to step down from Twitter.

There’s also been a significant amount of controversy, as we touched on before. After all, it’s hard to have one set of rules for those you like and another set of rules for those you don’t. Dorsey came under a significant amount of fire when he permanently suspended Donald Trump’s account while he was still the sitting president.

The left-leaning bias of Twitter was felt under Dorsey’s leadership. Now, we have to wonder if we’re going to see Twitter start to wander back to the right at least enough to offer some kind of unbiased balance.

That brings us to the second piece of this story.

Twitter’s CTO, Parag Agrawal, has been named as Dorsey’s replacement.

Agrawal said in 2020 that Twitter is “not to be bound by the First Amendment.” Oh, well this is certainly going to be interesting. This is likely going to mean that Agrawal will find nothing wrong with blocking tweets and accounts if he believes that they are not contributing to a “healthier public conversation” as he once explained.

The problem is, who is to determine what is healthy? If history is any indication, only the far-left’s rhetoric is healthy, which means that Twitter will continue to be the social media tool used by the liberals. Ted Cruz is likely cracking his knuckles in anticipation of grilling Agrawal the first chance that he gets.