Biden Goes On To Target a Texas School District Over Discrimination but the School District Is Fighting Back

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Biden cannot seem to let things be in the state of Texas. He is constantly trying to pick a fight with Republican leaders instead of making America a better place to live for everyone. He would instead tell them what to do than work with them to make different regions of the country better for the people living there.

Biden saw to it to empower his socialist Department of Education people to go after Texas’ top school districts with racial and gender discrimination accusations. Biden’s racial witch hunt is in full swing with the hopes of making an example out of a school district that will not subscribe to Biden’s racial philosophy.

Beth Van Duyne is a Republican Representative who is not standing for the senseless attacks against people who want to remain American and not drift into socialism. She wrote that “The Biden administration’s @usedgov has deemed it necessary to go after one of Texas’ top school districts. I am not going to sit back while this authoritarian administration conducts overreaching investigations in the shadows.”

Biden’s investigation is nothing more than a way to make himself look fantastic in front of his liberal fan base while at the same time making life miserable for everyone else. Biden is in for another fight as Van Duyne is starting to get involved in the school district’s defense.

Van Duyne is just one of many Republican members of Congress taking steps to keep an illegal investigation from ruining the lives of loving educators. The letter that Van Duyne, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, Richard Burr, and Virginia Foxx blasted off to Miguel Cardona, who is Biden’s Secretary of Education, got right to the point. It read that “Based on recent actions by the Biden administration, we fear your department will weaponize federal resources to intimidate parents who disagree with the policies of this administration and voiced their objections overwhelmingly and lawfully though local elections held in May of this year. Furthermore, given Carroll’s ISD achievements in education, we are concerned the Department will conduct an authoritarian-style retaliation against the community.”

They claim that the liberal witch hunters will find what they want to see, whether it exists. They are on a mission to make it look like Republican-run school districts are discriminatory and racist. And they will not stop until they have made their point. Their ultimate goal is making an example out of a renowned district so all others will be scared enough to fall into submission.

The Carroll ISD is an outstanding school district in the state of Texas. According to Van Duyne, the school district has a zero-dropout rate and has the rating of “Exemplary.” The district has the right processes to make sure that all students love coming to school and succeeding at what they are learning. Joe Biden cannot stand success, so he will do whatever he needs to tear down the system and put a failing process in its place.

The Representative noted that parents are involved in the school system, which is just another reason Biden wants to tear it all down. He cannot stand to see examples of parents being involved and working with a school board, and it will destroy the image he has made of parents as terrorists. And it will undoubtedly prove that he cannot teach kids better than their parents can.

Van Duyne also stated that “We cannot allow this administration to operate in the shadows, refusing to answer questions or provide details of their investigations. Recently the Southlake community made their stance on the pressure to enforce CRT policies in schools clear with an over 70% vote in favor of an anti CRT candidate. Voting against Democrats and liberal policies is not illegal and does not warrant a federal investigation, and I stand with parents, students, and local leaders to shine a light on this overreach.”

Joe Biden hates freedom and will stop at nothing to strip it all away. He cannot stand parents making decisions for their kids, so he will attack them where he can. But his efforts are faltering because of the heroic actions of Republicans that are willing to take a stand for freedom and push back against the socialism coming out of Washington.