Fraud Accuser Vocal for Years About Her Lost Presidency Now Sings a Different Tune

Evan El-Amin /
Evan El-Amin /

Hillary Clinton is the sorest loser ever to lose the presidency. During the 2016 elections, she cried about massive fraud taking place all over the country because she lost the election. She could not accept that the country voted for a man who had a vision forward and could not be bought off by the greedy socialists and special interest groups that seem to thrive in Washington every time a Democrat sits in the White House.

And yet, when the time came to investigate her claims, nothing was found to support her wild claims. But when the time came for Donald Trump to win in 2020, the claims of voter fraud were found in massive amounts.

RedState’s example in the Nevada Independent media outlet stated that a man in Nevada committed voter fraud in the 2020 election. RedState reported that a “Clark County man prominently featured by local and national Republicans as having evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election pleaded guilty on Tuesday to voting more than once, after using his deceased wife’s ballot to vote a second time.”

This was just one instance of the thousands upon thousands of examples found in the 2020 election of where fraud was found. And the liberals and the media took it upon themselves to cover it up and make wild claims that nothing like that had ever happened.

The man in question was Donald Kirk Hartle. He would later state that “I accept full responsibility for my actions and regret them.” Here is actual testimony of a man that committed voter fraud, and the Democrats have the guts to claim that it does not happen when they win. But scream about it when they lose. Their hypocrisy has only grown over the years to the point where people are sick and tired of their fake statements.

To make the news once again, Hillary Clinton has backtracked and stated that “Voter fraud is such a myth….” This is coming from the Nazi-loving liberal who screamed about losing in 2016. Her battle cry was “Russia! Russia! Russia!” “Collusion! Collusion!” And when coupled with a stolen election, people start to think that the woman is plain crazy.

The nutty old lady claimed that “voter fraud is such a myth that its most outspoken critics have to commit fraud themselves to find an example of it.” She believes that people are creating fake stories about people committing voter fraud. There has been video evidence found proving that fraud and cheating had taken place, and she still wants to deny it ever did.

At some point, the old lady has to let go of the past and realize that nothing will be done about her tremendous loss. No one cares at this point. Her claims were looked into, and it was determined that nothing happened in 2016.

But for the 2020 election, tons of fraud was found but was quickly covered up by liberals, which is one reason the old lady has changed her tune. She would just soon have the world forget about her five years of pouting over a lost election. Her problem is that no one wants to have her sit in the White House because she represents an era of darkness that the nation does not want to return under.

Hillary Clinton and her socialist lovers cried and cried in 2016. They fought Donald Trump for his entire term claiming that the man was not the president because he somehow cheated at winning. And when they could not stop him from making America great again, they resorted to devising a plan that would cause massive confusion to hide their fraud in the next election cycle.

The only reason Clinton is changing her tune is that the truth is getting close to the surface. She feels the need to bury the truth because of the upcoming midterm elections. She does not need the public to remember the silent crimes the Democrats committed throughout the night of the election count. But the problem is that Clinton has lied so much no one believes what she says anymore.