Rep. Massie’s Christmas Photo Is Locked, Stocked, and Ready To Go

Matteo Gabrieli /
Matteo Gabrieli /

Every now and again, we get Christmas cards that go a bit too political. And Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky decided to take that route this year. He also made sure to involve his entire family.

The moment you glance at the card, you realize that he is pro-guns. It’s not uncommon for his state. And, as a Republican, he’s taking a bold stance against the liberals who want to continuously violate our Second Amendment rights.

So, what does this card look like? Prepare yourself…

Massie’s family is gathered around the Christmas tree with their adult children. And instead of simply wearing a smile to celebrate the season, they’re also holding rifles and shotguns. It’s a clear celebration of Second Amendment rights.

And, before the liberals can ruin any of the fun, all of the guns are legal, and all of the Massie children are over the age of 18.

When the Kentucky Representative shared the photo on Twitter, he wrote “Merry Christmas! PS. Santa, please bring ammo.” This was likely a dig at what the Biden administration has been trying to do – reduce the amount of ammunition being made available to the American public. After all, if they can’t limit gun laws, they’ll try to limit the ammunition that is available so that gun tragedies won’t happen.

Jason Chaffetz, a Republican Representative out of Utah had some fun by retweeting the Massie family photo with the comment of “If I ever go to visit the Massie home I’m going to make sure to let them know in advance that I’m coming.”

It’s a smart comment, too. He’s not necessarily taking one side or the other. However, he is acknowledging that the family is armed and capable of defending their home in the event that they ever get a visitor who has not announced themselves. That’s what the Second Amendment is all about – our right as Americans to be able to defend ourselves.

And, when you look at all that the liberals are doing to try to defund the police, 911 calls are taking longer to answer. And because there aren’t as many law enforcement officers on the streets, response times are longer. So, we really have no choice but to arm up and protect ourselves.

If Massie wanted to make sure that everyone knew his stance on legal gun ownership, he has their attention. At the time that we’re reporting this, there were over 53k responses and another 12k that chose to retweet the family photo with a comment.

And, in case you’re wondering, plenty of the comments are being made by the ignorant left who want to criticize Massie’s family for owning the guns. Many can’t seem to separate one story from another, which includes the latest school shooting that happened in Michigan.

The left can’t seem to understand that guns aren’t the ones responsible for killing people…people are.

The Massie family likes to hunt. They buy hunting licenses every year. And guess what you need in order to hunt? Yep, that’s right: guns.

The condemning of the Christmas photo should have been expected, but at least we still have Republican politicians who are willing to take one for the team. We can expect Massie to continue to fight for our Second Amendment rights so that the liberals don’t take them away simply because they don’t know how bad guys operate.