Omar Has Feelings Hurt and Demands the Principal Do Something About It

Paris Malone /
Paris Malone /

Ilhan Omar is another prime example of how liberals live in a pool of self-made deception. The weasel of a politician could not believe that another member of the House would say hurtful words about her. Lauren Boebert would apologize to the Islamic terrorist, but Omar seeks to live in her current state of hurt.

Omar is now demanding that Kevin McCarthy do something to Boebert. She wants the Republican leader to give the woman thirty lashes so she never speaks about Ilhan Omar that way again. For the little Islamic Democrat, an apology is not good enough. She wants someone to make an example of her so no one will ever dare speak that way about an Islamic terrorist again.

McCarthy was called a “liar and a coward” by Omar. Strangely enough, the minor witchy politician has name-called another in the same fashion that was done to her. And she doesn’t seem to care. Omar believes that more needs to be done to condemn Boebert. And yet, her party fails to take action when one of their members steps out of line.

Omar thinks that a slip of the tongue will lead to deadly harm to her and others of the Islamic faith. She may hate anti-Islamic talk, but she is quick to issue anti-Christian and Jewish talk without answering for her words. Her hypocritical actions show just what kind of nasty person she is from the inside out.

Omar is part of a liberal generation handed a trophy when they lost the ball game. She is one of those people who was taught that everyone should be friendly to them regardless of how they are treated in return. She is the perfect example of a brainwashed liberal indoctrinated by the halls of horrors in liberal institutions around the country.

Jake Tapper spoke with Ilham Omar when the topic came up. Tapper started the conversation by stating. “I want to start with those comments, Boebert comparing you to a terrorist suicide bomber. What is it like to hear that kind of blatant bigotry, coming from a fellow member of the House of Representatives?” Omar should know what it is like to hear that kind of speech because she always issues it against others she should be working with and not fighting.

Omar lives in a bit of a world created by herself where she is the goddess of Islam. She stated that “When I first won, I remember getting phone calls from across the world from heads of states and prime ministers and foreign ministers congratulating me because they thought America was past its sort of post 9/11 Islamaphobia. And to see this happen right now in the halls of Congress really is damaging not just to the Muslim community, to myself, but to the kind of country we want to be.”

She let all of the phone calls that were made, congratulating her on being in politics, go to her head. Somewhere along the line, she came to believe that she was special, which set her apart from everyone else. The sad little woman has failed to learn that everyone is equal in America, and when she goes around acting like she is better than everyone else, she will be the target of watercooler jokes.

Omar has come to brand every Republican as an Islamic hating entity. She goes on to call Republicans names and say things that can lead to violence as well. But in Omar’s world, she can do nothing wrong and get away with saying anything she wants because Mother Pelosi is watching over her.

Mother Pelosi looks after her little hens. Omar stated that she was so worried that she would not be able to take her seat when she was elected. She said that “I’ve had a conversation with the Speaker. I’m very confident that she will take decisive action next week. As you know, when I first got to Congress, I was worried that I wasn’t going to be allowed to be sworn in because there was a ban on the hijab. She promised me she would take care of it. She made another promise to me she will take care of this.” Nancy Pelosi is the old grandmother that no one wants. But she is willing to do whatever she can to keep a protective eye on her violent chicks.