Pelosi and Other High-Ranking Dems are Getting Sued Over January 6 Committee

Kim Wilson /
Kim Wilson /

Haven’t we gone far enough with the January 6 riots? Everyone who participated said that they did so on their own accord. Yet, the liberals want to paint a picture that makes Donald Trump out to be Enemy #1.

Rather than allowing it to go any further, Mark Meadows has decided to lash out. He is suing Nancy Pelosi and others over the committee that was formed to “investigate” the riots.

Mark Meadows has been dragged into the January 6 committee investigation because he’s the former White House chief of staff. He’s chosen to sue the Speaker of the House along with every member of the U.S. House Select Committee with claims that what they’re doing is not only unconstitutional but that it’s also an illegal overreach of the authority of the executive branch.

Meadows felt that he had no choice but to file the lawsuit once Representative Bennie Thompson (D-GA) contacted Meadows’ attorney to identify that the committee would be pursuing contempt charges.

Let’s be clear.

When the January 6 riot took place, it was before the inauguration of Joe Biden. This means that Donald Trump was still president, and all of his staff was still in position. They have executive powers that protect them from active lawsuits – such as what the Democrats are now trying to do regarding the riot.

Meadows knows what the law does and does not allow. He maintains, as reported by Breitbart, “that the committee is demanding that Meadows violate executive privilege and the Constitution, and asking his cell phone provider to break the law.”

The committee has completely overstepped because they are illegally coercing individuals who were employed by the White House to violate the Constitution. And for what? So that they can conduct an illegal witch hunt on Donald Trump – the bad man that they cannot possibly hate more than they already do.

The Democrats absolutely refuse to accept the claims of executive privilege. Further, current president, Joe Biden, has waived the former president’s claims of privilege and immunity.

Whoa, wait a second. Can Biden do that?

This is so much bigger than simply investigating the riots. This is a witch hunt. And, it’s become an issue of who has the final word – the former president or the current president?

Meadows has been absolutely right to pursue accommodation with the Select Committee to ensure that he’s not violating executive privilege. And since the Democrats continue to act unconstitutionally, he has had no choice but to launch a lawsuit against all of them.

There’s also another issue that the former chief of staff wants to point out. The committee itself is illegitimate because it does not meet the requirements to be a congressional committee. Therefore, they don’t even have subpoena power. Until they have a ranking minority member, they fail to comply with the authorizing resolution, House Resolution 503.

In order for the committee to be legitimate, it needs to have 13 members, five of which are chosen after consulting with Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader. Only, Pelosi didn’t want that. She created the committee with only nine members…and rejected all of the nominations suggested by McCarthy.

When you look at the committee’s makeup, it is seven Democrats and two Republicans. Further, those two Republicans are anti-Trump.

No wonder Meadows has filed the lawsuit…