America Is Confused…the CDC Just Cut Quarantine Time in Half Yet the Virus Is No Less Deadly or Contagious…Here’s Why They Really Did It…$$$

Renata Apanaviciene /
Renata Apanaviciene /

Confusion abounds. Why did US health officials who adamantly insisted that anyone testing positive for COVID-19 isolate for a full ten days, out-of-the-blue, decide that five days would work just as well? Are they playing politics at our expense or is there new data to reflect their previous miscalculation? Whatever their reasoning, medical experts aren’t buying it and the stun-gunned American public is asking “What the hell?” 

To further throw medical experts through a loop, it was announced that anyone coming out of quarantine no longer requires a test to prove they no longer carry the virus. They’re free to go about their business as usual. This is all happening while cases continue to spike and US health officials, the same people reducing quarantine times, are shoving Omicron down the publics’ throat as being highly contagious. Make sense? Didn’t think so… But it’s about to. 

Here’s a partial answer. The airline industry, among others, has been applying pressure to the CDC. Despite passengers taking swings at flight attendants and such nonsense, they’re staying short-staffed to the point of having to cancel flights. They don’t have enough onboard attendants to break up the regularly occurring fights.

To make matters worse for the airlines, thousands of flights were canceled over the holiday season due to Omicron, and planes on the ground aren’t making any money. Airline executives don’t care if a passenger is still contagious so they helped persuade the CDC to loosen up a bit and quit being so stringent. “Come on, guys!”

The CDC caved and now it’s trying to justify cutting the quarantine time in half. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, sounding way out of character, said, “Not all of those cases are going to be severe. In fact, many are going to be asymptomatic. We want to make sure there is a mechanism by which we can safely continue to keep society functioning while following the science.”

Could Walensky be referring to the same virus that the CDC has been guilty of trying to scare the bejeezus out of the nation with? Identical. Just a new variant they’ve warned us could possibly wipe out civilization but now it might not because planes need to fly.

There are only two possible reasons for the CDC to reverse its terrifying campaign and population control isn’t one of them. Either the CDC no longer gives a rats-behind about the public they’re paid to serve, or money, as always, had the final say in the matter.

Medical experts have warned the CDC that any existing data they may have predates Omicron. Time has not yet permitted the variant to be fully researched and better understood. They’re all in agreeance that the CDC has either lost its mind or a few folks working there have accepted some off-record donations.

Whether you think the virus is a hoax or that it isn’t as severe as the CDC has purposely led us to believe is not the point. The point is what we’ve been previously led to believe versus the lame non-explanatory cow-pattie stuff they’re chucking at us now, cannot in any way, shape, or form, make sense. 

What do you think’s really going on behind the scenes? This news does give one a fairly firm foundation on which to ponder…

Oh yeah. The reason Joe Biden wasn’t mentioned in this article is that he probably isn’t aware of any of this. Who would be surprised?