Biden Wearing a Mask on the Beach Raises Countless Questions…

Harry Collins Photography /
Harry Collins Photography /

About a week ago, it was suspected that President Biden came into contact with someone who had COVID at the White House. However, when Press Secretary Jen Psaki was pressed, she spoke about protocols without actually answering the question.

Does Biden have COVID? Does Biden need to quarantine? These are all questions that have been asked – and we haven’t gotten any solid answers.

Here’s what we do know. Biden took off to Delaware with Jill for a week-long vacation so that the two could ring in the New Year. They took a walk along the beach with their new puppy. Jill did not wear a mask…but Joe did.

First of all, the CDC does not recommend that a mask be worn outside. The only time that you should is if you are at risk of others and six-feet social distancing cannot be maintained.

The only people on the beach beside Joe and Jill were the Secret Service and a few members of the press. All were providing plenty of distance. So, that means that social distancing was not an issue.

If the Bidens were erring on the side of caution, wouldn’t it have made sense for both of them to wear a mask? Since it was only Joe wearing a mask, we have to assume that he’s been compromised in one way or another. Yet, the White House wants to pretend as though we’re all stupid and won’t notice.

President Biden has been urging everyone to wear a mask throughout the holiday season. He said, “Even if you’re fully vaccinated, you should wear a mask when indoors in public settings.”

Well, he’s not indoors. Is this something that we have to point out to him?

He seems to be forgetting the advice that the CDC and even Dr. Fauci keep saying. If you know everyone around you is vaccinated and COVID-free, you can eliminate the face mask. The only person he’s within six feet of on the beach is Jill. We know for a fact that she’s been vaccinated because we saw her get the jab.

So, why is it that Biden seems to want to follow completely different advice than what everyone else is saying?

“Wearing a mask provides extra protection for you and those around you,” Biden went on to say.

We know that Biden is the oldest sitting president, but does he need the extra protection from his wife? From the press that is at least 50 feet away? Or, is he trying to protect Jill, who decided she wasn’t even going to wear a mask?

The Biden administration has been sending mixed messages about how to deal with the pandemic since the moment they took office. Between Dr. Fauci’s fear-mongering and Biden’s confusion, Americans have no idea whether they’re supposed to wear a mask indoors, outdoors, or anywhere else.

And Biden certainly isn’t helping matters. It doesn’t look like he’s trying to protect anyone – just Google the pictures. Jill is walking along the shoreline without a mask, looking like she doesn’t have a care in the world. Then, there’s our stiff-walking Commander in Chief wearing a mask.

Either Biden doesn’t understand how the virus works or he’s sicker than the White House wants to lead on. Either way, it doesn’t bode well for any of us…