Democrats Think They Finally Have Found the Perfect Trap for DeSantis but Find Out They Are Wrong Again

Rob Wilson /
Rob Wilson /

The Democratic Party and the monstrous media are doing everything they possibly can to destroy Ron DeSantis ahead of any electoral race that he might think about participating in. The liberals have failed so many times to trash DeSantis that they have to pick up anything at all to make a story up about him. Their latest attempt to bash him for caring for his wife with cancer blew up in their faces. And now it seems that they are hitting below the belt again.

The latest attempt to destroy the man came at two groups named PatriotTakes and MeidasTouch Media. The two groups took photos of DeSantis and his wife and posted them on social media claiming that the family was wearing the same clothing for two different events. And somehow, this is supposed to be a royal scandal and a coverup as to why the governor has been absent from the television camera.

PatriotTakes posted a caption that read, “After posting two-week-old photos while Ron DeSantis was MIA, we have now discovered that DeSantis has been recycling the same family shoot photos for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. The problem with the so-called scandal is that DeSantis’s schedule had been shared by his office, debunking the claims of the liberal snakes. DeSantis is a phony.”

The governor has done more than his fair share of the job he was elected to do. He has even served while helping his wife, Casey DeSantis, fight cancer. Her diagnosis was first released in October and has largely been left alone by the nasty left. But when they could no longer find things to beat the governor up with, they resorted to attacking her illness.

Everyone should uphold Casey DeSantis because the illness she has is severe. At some point, politics should take a back seat, and people from both sides of the political landscape should be trying to help. But the liberals are so heartless that they would instead attack them than help them.

Ron DeSantis has done the right thing and stood with his wife through this horrible time. He has honored his vows to be faithful through sickness and health, which is more than the Democrats could ever do.

Liberal snakes took to the post and claimed that they finally had entrapped the man. But what they did not expect was the truth of why they used similar photos to come up.

But as defense attorney Michael Caputo would respond, “You know why our family took our Christmas Card 2020 photo in September? Because I had cancer, and we knew I’d look like hell in a month. These people are idiots and ghouls.”

Only a monster would attack a family that is facing cancer. No one going through the chemo and other treatment options want to show pictures of what they look like in the hospital. Casey DeSantis has a tough road ahead, and the entire family needs support and not the attacks of vicious monsters.

The media knows that they have failed yet again to find ways to tear into the man. He is protecting his family the same way he protects the people living in Florida. It is not a fault, but rather a strength. There is not a Democrat alive that would put up with such attacks against themselves. And yet here they are trashing a family fighting an illness that can change the family forever.

The media is nothing more than a heartless copy of the liberal institution trying to make inroads into the country. They feel they can attack people without facing reprisal over any issue. But the moment it happens to them, they are taking up arms and demanding that everyone involved be slaughtered.

Joe Biden and his mafia organization will never succeed at destroying the country. Many people love America and will not stand by and let malicious organizations tear down the patriots that protect freedom and keep America great for future generations to come.