Republicans Say Impeachment is On the Table If the 2022 Midterms Go Their Way

Christopher Penler /
Christopher Penler /

The Republicans are obviously getting ready for what they hope is a landslide in the 2022 midterm elections. Elise Stefanik, the House GOP Conference Chairwoman from New York, said that anything was on the table if her party can overtake the House in the coming elections. And that even included impeaching President Joe Biden. She said the “anything is on the table” line when asked about impeachment, according to one news outlet.

Stefanik added that she believed that the party should focus on conducting oversight and making sure that legislation being passed would secure the border once and for all. She said that the policies from the previous administration under former President Trump were working.

The question of impeachment was asked as a response to Republican Senator Ted Cruz from Texas opening the door to the possibility of impeachment. He said that there were multiple grounds on which to consider impeachment, and the chaos at the border was just one of them.

The senator said that if the GOP were to retake the House, which he believes is overwhelmingly likely, he thinks we will see a serious investigation into the Biden administration. Cruz said these things on an episode of “Verdict with Ted Cruz.”

Cruz said that he believes there is a chance of that happening. He referenced that the Democrats had already “weaponized impeachment” with former President Donald Trump.

Cruz explained, “They used it for partisan purposes to go after Trump because they disagreed with him. One of the real disadvantages of doing that is the more you weaponize it and turn it into a partisan cudgel, you know, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

He also said that the most compelling grounds for impeachment was the “utter lawlessness” of Biden’s refusal to enforce the law at the southern border. Cruz said, “His decision to just defy federal immigration laws and allow 2 million people to come here unimpeded in direct contravention of his obligation under Article Two of the Constitution to take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” We’ve all seen the problem at the border, so it makes sense that Biden is held accountable.

The Texas senator reiterated that this issue was probably the strongest ground right now for impeachment, but there might be others. He said that the Democrats had already decided that this was just another tool in the “partisan war chest.” He said that there is reason to believe that “turnabout will be fair play.”

Stefanik also believes that the border issue is a massive concern for Americans, even her constituency in New York. She said that what she hears from voters in her district in northern New York is that border concerns still matter. She represents patrol officers who have been transferred over and over again to the southern border, and they indicate that it’s one crisis after the other and it is a catastrophe.

It was reported that illegal border crossings increased 5% in November, and since November 2020, illegal border crossings were up 140%. The federal government has not released the border statistics from December 2021 yet. Stefanik said that she will focus on conducting oversight and making sure that the legislation that has already been introduced gets passed. She said numerous bills have been introduced to secure the border and they must make sure that the needs of the border are fully funded.

Ohio Representative Bob Gibbs has already introduced three articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden. They cite his handling of Afghanistan, immigration, and the federal eviction moratorium (which is now defunct). He said that he is not trying to get media attention, it is not haphazard, and that he is taking this very seriously. Gibbs believes that Biden has done much damage to the country in less than just nine months. He does not believe that Biden is capable of being our commander-in-chief. And he hopes that his articles may make the White House think twice before they do some of their “nonsense.” So, impeachment may even happen sooner than we think…or at least we can hope.