Newt Gingrich Shares How Republicans Care More About Daily Life

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There’s a lot going on in today’s world. There’s not only COVID but also high prices at the gas pump. Grocery receipts are higher than they’ve ever been. And, let’s not forget about the mass amounts of immigration that is driving down hourly rates and increasing the crime within our cities.

While the liberals may want to continue to focus on COVID, Newt Gingrich points out that Republicans care more about everyday life.

The former Speaker of the House points out that Democrats seem to be quite narrowly focused on the January 6 Capitol riots. In fact, if you were to ask Nancy Pelosi, she’d probably say that it was the single most important thing happening in the House at the moment.

It’s not true, though. No one really cares about the January 6 riots. It happened, and people have moved on.

The problem is that Democrats want to do whatever they can to smear the Republican Party as unpatriotic. And it makes sense. The Democrats can’t do anything good on their own, so they’ll resort to taking cheap shots.

The Democrats want to talk about the “insurrection” and how it was a hit against democracy. However, as Gingrich noted, it just means that the Democratic leaders are “tone deaf” to what citizens actually want.

“Americans are worried about everyday life. As the Democrats are myopically stuck on partisan bickering, Americans see them actively not solving problems.”

This couldn’t be more accurate. Gingrich spent decades in politics because he was able to identify what the American people actually needed. The Democrats aren’t solving any problems. If anything, they’re making problems worse – and it shows in the way that the approval ratings are falling for both Biden and Harris.

The Democrats are “accelerating inflation,” which means that as prices rise at the gas pumps and the grocery stores, Americans lose less and less faith in the Democratic Party.

The 2022 midterms are not going to be about voting along political lines. It’s going to be about voting based on who is capable of getting the job done. We’ve already seen in Virginia and New Jersey how people won’t vote for a candidate simply because they are blue versus red.

The Democrats have had a chance to prove that they know what’s best for the American people. And they continue to fail.

It’s not just about the inflation, though. Gingrich also noted that there are other issues that are more relevant than the January 6 riots, including immigration and education.

Teachers’ unions keep closing schools because they know that they can get away with it when they’re in a liberal city or state. Yet, the parents who have to stay at home and lose work because their kids have gone virtual will remember how the liberals failed (again) when it’s time to cast votes at the end of the year.

As Gingrich points out, “Every school that is closed by Teachers’ Unions, despite evidence that distance learning hurts children – especially the poor and minorities – also hurts union-owned Democrat candidates.”

And, those who are flooding into the country illegally aren’t making anything easier for the Democrats, either.

Gingrich has seen the issues. Americans have seen the issues. Yet, it doesn’t seem as though any of the Democrats have changed their course. How is it that they are so blind to the issue?

If they can just realize that we don’t want socialism, we might be able to work together and clean things up. Yet, they’re so hung up on socialism that they can’t seem to see clearly.