MSNBC Host Blames Senator Sinema for ‘Upholding White Supremacy’

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President Biden’s “rant in Atlanta” is still creating ripples of highly charged rhetoric within the progressive media machine. Tiffany Cross, a host from MSNBC’s “The Cross Connection,” recently lashed out at Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) for the role she is playing with her Senate colleagues. Cross blamed Sinema for “upholding white supremacy” because she said this past week that she would not support any Senate rule change that would weaken or remove the established filibuster.

Tiffany Cross made this accusation while hosting a panel discussion on the Democratic effort to pass two significant pieces of legislation focused on overhauling the federal election system. The bills are known as the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. The Democratic senators were looking to find a workaround for the filibuster or do away with it completely to get the bill passes because they did not have any Republican support.

In the midst of the panel discussion, Cross asked a question to political commentator Angela Rye. She said, “You know, this is an interesting challenge, Angela, because look, Sinema is a Democrat, but she is in many ways upholding white supremacy. You and I both know what the filibuster was originally used for.”

The show quickly cut right to a video of Sinema giving a speech on the Senate floor. She was explaining that with the absence of the filibuster, along with the 60-vote threshold that is needed for a bill to get around it, a way would be made for more extreme policies on both sides of the aisle. It would circumvent the need for debate and bipartisan cooperation.

That speech followed a major address during which President Joe Biden urged the Senate to take such a measure.

“I don’t think I can roll my eyes hard enough, and you kind of just want to say, ‘Girl, bye,’ but Angela, I’ll let you take it. What are your thoughts on the senator’s position?” Cross asked.

Angela Rye responded to the highly charged question by saying that Sinema’s words were rooted in falsehoods. She maintained that the discussion was about voting rights, not something like abortion which has been historically divisive in the nation. Rye declared that voting rights have had bipartisan support in both chambers of Congress since 1965.

Rye then asked Senator Sinema to “please reflect on your history.” She went on a rant about not waiting to cross the hurdle to removing the filibuster, but to cross that hurdle now, this year.

Rye held the line that this wasn’t a discussion about bills that were focused on black civil rights, but that they were bills designed to make sure that the United States continued to move on the road towards democracy.

With those words, she then echoes what Jesse Jackson Jr. recently said. He said the country was moving towards democracy and that the legislation was a way to ensure that we were back on the right road.

Cross gave her input in agreement saying that this was a way to ensure we were on the right road and that Sinema was a hurdle on the right road.

These words describing Senator Sinema as “upholding white supremacy” come after President Biden gave what many consider to be a “crazy” speech in Atlanta. Senator Mitch McConnell declared that Biden’s rhetoric painted millions of Americans and the majority of the Senate as “racist.” He said that the shouting that Biden did in his speech proves why those who framed the Senate built it so that a president’s power can be checked. McConnell believes that the president’s rant was the best possible argument for preserving the Senate rules that allow for deliberation, compromise, and cooler heads to prevail.