What? Did Biden Actually Say More Gun Control Wouldn’t Help?

oleschwander / shutterstock.com
oleschwander / shutterstock.com

Every now and then, Biden breaks off of his leash and says something that the liberals don’t agree with. It’s as if he cuts his puppet strings to show off to the U.S. that he’s still a real, live boy. Geppetto, the one holding the strings, must be furious since Biden just said something that goes against the liberal agenda.

He said that more gun control wouldn’t have stopped the hostage-taker at the synagogue in Texas.

This is where the liberals who want to threaten to take our guns are clutching their pearls. What did Biden just say? He can’t be serious…

The liberals would love to use literally any event in the U.S. where a gun is used to shove gun control laws at us. They want to pretend that in a perfect world, criminals will follow the law. Obviously, if a law says that a person can’t own a gun, they won’t.

In case you haven’t noticed, we are most certainly not living in a perfect world. So, let’s see why Biden said what he said.

First of all, the person responsible for the hostage situation was a 44-year-old by the name of Malik Faisal Akram. He was a citizen of the United Kingdom. He was killed when federal agents stormed into the synagogue.

Biden commented that Akram allegedly purchased the guns on the street. He went on to say that “the idea of background checks are critical. But you can’t stop something like this if someone is on the street buying something from somebody else on the street.”

This is what the conservatives have been saying all along. The idea that gun control is going to suddenly reduce the violence on the streets is ridiculous. Where there is a will, there is a way. The only thing that more gun control will do is make it harder for those who are legal, law-abiding citizens from owning guns for sport as well as for home protection.

Biden did criticize the surge in gun sales that have been happening in America over the past two years. “There’s so many guns that have been sold of late; it’s just ridiculous.”

It’s not ridiculous, though. With the cost of goods going up, many people are hunting because it can supply them with a more affordable protein to feed their families. Many other people are looking to have the means to protect themselves, which is a necessity in many liberal cities as crime has been skyrocketing.

The liberals have caused the gun sales to surge because they’re not dealing with the real issues. Americans are scared – and when they’re scared, they buy guns as a way to create peace of mind inside of their homes. It’s why there were over 23 million guns sold in 2020 alone.

And until Biden and the rest of the administration actually works to reduce crime, Biden better get used to more gun sales.

As for increasing gun control laws, Biden said it himself. It will do nothing to prevent crimes from happening. Those who want to create a hostage situation or commit murder are already breaking the law. Buying a gun on the streets to make it happen is the least of their worries.

And let’s also not forget that background checks are already happening. The National Instant Criminal Background Check System completed over 38 million checks in 2021. So, the liberals have to simply allow the law to work. As for the criminals, perhaps they should focus on getting them behind bars instead of making it into a racial issue.