Democrats Squirm in Their Seats As They Really Need To Pass Some Form of Their Poisonous Bills

The midterm election year has finally arrived, and the Democrats are squirming in their seats. The liberals thought they were secure in their seats, but the red wave proved that they were not as popular as they thought they were. The election results in Virginia have them worried that what happened in that stronghold will take place in the House of Representatives later this year.

The American voters are sick and tired of the progressive push indicative of the Democratic Party. The Virginian Democrats thought they could tell parents that they had no right to tell the schools what to teach or run healthcare. But the voters had the final say and pushed the trash out to the dump.

The federal-level liberals are worried because they have done much of the same trashy push for the past year. Voters are ticked off, and they are ready to vote Republican. That is one of the reasons why the media is showcasing liberals telling the truth or making it as they care about people and projects. But that will all change once the election is over.

The Democrats are desperate to pass any significant piece of legislation to claim that they were working instead of drifting. Nancy Pelosi is afraid she will lose power, and almost two dozen old Democrats have already announced their retirement in preparation for a loss.

The signature bill that the progressive Democrats were hoping to have passed by now was the socialist Build Back Better nonsense. Biden wanted to inflate the economic side of the country with a $2.2 trillion spending bill. It would have given the liberals a considerable nest egg of money to spend that would remain unregulated and with no oversite.

These insane liberals still want to force the bill through any means necessary. They even asked Joe Biden to use his executive powers to push it through. They are all tired of the moderates standing in the gap and keeping them from taking over the political scene forever.

The progressive party wants to push the bill through because of all the socialist programs that it would start. They would get free healthcare and free tuition for all, but the cost of that nonsense is too great, so Joe Manchin could not vote in favor of it.

The Republican Party has proven itself reliable and trustworthy because they have defended freedom and fought hard to keep the president from overturning freedom and the Constitution. They stand ready to retake parts of the Legislative Branch and start fixing the mess the liberals have created in America.

Nancy Pelosi has stated, “It is essential that we build back better. We have its makings in the legislation, and I think there’s an agreement to be made.” Her wishful thinking is trying to hand onto any part of hope for Biden’s bill. But there is not the support to see it passed. But instead of going back and working with Republicans, they are trying to force it through without support.

When the matter is thought through, there is no good reason to build anything back better. The existing programs are doing just fine, and the states have already passed election reform to make sure the Democrats cannot cheat in future elections.

Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders continue to ignore members of their party and what they are saying about the bill. Some claim that the bill needs to be scaled back, but the old-timers are persistent and want to see the original one passed.

Joe Biden and his band are scared to death of what the mid-term elections will do to them in Washington. Once the House falls back into the hands of the Republican Party, there will be some significant changes taking place. Democrats will be investigated, and Joe Biden will be a lame duck. And the country will be safe from any more dangerous bills that the Democrats will want to pass.