Sinema’s Stance Could Get Her Censored and Censured

Kyrsten Sinema is a senator who was voted in by the people. She is the voice of the people. And she knows that the American people, at least those who voted her into office in Arizona, are a moderate group. She knows that people aren’t interested in these liberal, legislative acts that the House and Senate are trying to push through.

Sinema has no problem standing strong against Pelosi, Schumer, and all of the other liberals who could care less what the American people want.

Censorship has to stop. The liberals think that they can simply censor anyone who has a differing opinion. They’ve tried it on Facebook, Twitter, and now, they’re trying to do it in other creative ways.

Americans are protected by the First Amendment. We’re allowed to say what we want at any time. And, someone like Sinema should most certainly not be censored. After all, she’s the voice of millions.

Now, as she has said no to the filibuster and no to voting rights, she might get censured by those within her state.

The Arizona Democratic Party has done the unthinkable. They censured her this past weekend., which basically means that they have officially reprimanded her.

Here’s what happened. Sinema stood her ground and decided that it wasn’t in the best interest of America to modify Senate rules so that the Democrats could pass the voting rights bills. It stalled in Congress.

Now, it’s not as if Sinema worked alone to end the chances of the filibuster going away. In order for it to have passed, it would have needed a majority vote.

Let’s do the math. There are 100 senators. It’s a 50-50 split with only Kamala Harris playing the tie-breaker. This doesn’t fall squarely on Sinema’s shoulders. Any number of Republicans could have chosen to side with the Democrats, too.

The reality is that the liberal Dems were choosing to pull a fast one. They wanted to skew everything in their favor. It would have been a partisan move – and shouldn’t we be looking for more bipartisan support than anything when it comes to what Congress does?

Sinema is but one Democrat who has chosen to stand out against the liberal legislation. Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has done the same.

And, several of Sinema’s top donors have now become outspoken, saying that they will stop funding her if she doesn’t choose to change her stance. Some of those donors have said that voting rights are “life or death important.”

We’re talking about a handful of donors, however. And it’s clear that they’re just as liberal as the rest who believe that voting rights is a top issue in America at the moment.

The Arizona Democratic Party’s Executive Board recently met, and ADP Chair Raquel Teran said, “I want to be clear, the Arizona Democratic Party is a diverse coalition with plenty of room for policy disagreements, however on the matter of the filibuster and the urgency to protect voting rights, we have been crystal clear.”

She went on to say that the goal is to protect Arizonans’ right to vote.

Sure, and they can – as long as they provide photo ID.

The IRS wants us to show photo ID – and they’ve gone as far as wanting biometric data on us, too. How is it okay to demand ID for one thing but not for another?

It shows that the Dems are not only confused but purposely looking to divide the nation.

Meanwhile, Sinema has said that she supports voting rights, but she doesn’t support getting rid of the filibuster just to make it happen. Translation: she has morals.

Sinema is already working on her reelection campaign in 2024. She’ll certainly have challengers. Her spokesperson has already said, “She’s delivered for Arizonans and has always been honest about where she stands.” Let’s hope that’s enough for Sinema to prove to Arizonans that she’s a woman of her word and has the desire to stand up for what is right.