California Lawmaker Threatens School-Age Children with COVID Vaccine

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The average school-age child isn’t getting COVID. And, if they are, they don’t have many symptoms, if any. Many children under the age of 18 are completely asymptomatic, which is what makes it so hard to trace the origins.

Of course, the Pfizer vaccine has been approved for children five and older. It allows parents to decide whether they want to add the extra layer of protection – especially if the child has health concerns or the child is around people with compromised immune systems.

Well, California has decided that they don’t want parents to decide. Instead, they’d rather threaten all school-aged children with the vaccine. Essentially, one lawmaker has decided to take things further than even Governor Newsom by suggesting that there be a mandatory COVID vaccine requirement for all children enrolled in public school.

This is an extreme measure. We’ve already seen how well the vaccine mandate did for employers with over 100 employees. At least with that mandate, there was enough data to show that adults could get sick enough to end up in the hospital and even die if they contracted COVID.

Where’s that data for those under 18? Less than one percent of children who contract COVID are being hospitalized and even fewer than that have died as a result of COVID-19.

A lack of scientific evidence isn’t going to stop state senator Richard Pan from proposing a mandatory vaccine starting in 2023.

California Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) is proposing a bill that would require students to get fully vaccinated in order to attend school. “We’re going to require a COVID-19 vaccine for school enrollment and eliminate a requirement that there has to be a personal belief exemption.”

That’s right. He’s actually saying that there would be no room for personal or religious exemptions – and that’s seriously dangerous territory. It’s dictating instead of allowing people to make any kind of choice about what is right for their child. Further, the bill isn’t contingent on the vaccine for those under 18 to be fully approved by the FDA.

To be clear, right now, the FDA has approved the vaccine for emergency use only. It hasn’t received full approval.

California doesn’t care. They don’t care what your beliefs are. They don’t care if the FDA has approved the vaccine to the fullest extent. They just want you to roll up your child’s sleeve so that they can get vaccinated against a virus that likely won’t even impact their health.

It seems that Pan doesn’t agree with what Newsom has said over the past year, which includes granting exemptions and waiting to issue the mandate until after the FDA has fully approved its use in children under 18.

Pfizer is only fully approved for those 16 and older. And some of the other vaccines aren’t approved for under 18 at all.

California has shown that they are all about being a dictatorship. They’ll skip right over socialism and move right into communism. They’ll dictate everything about what a person must do in order to get an education, work in any business, or even walk into a restaurant.

The Omicron surge has proven that the mandates don’t work. California has more cases than anyone – and if the mandates worked the way that the liberal politicians claim, that wouldn’t be the situation.

It’s just proof that the California liberals don’t care about actually keeping everyone safe. It’s all about control – and they have no problem mandating the vaccines for children who don’t even need them. And if that means that parents pull their kids out of school over it, so be it.