FDA Pulls Approval from Florida’s COVID Treatment, Showing They’d Rather Let People Die

Maxx-Studio / shutterstock.com
Maxx-Studio / shutterstock.com

Florida has been managing COVID just fine thanks to Governor Ron DeSantis’s approach. He makes sure that there are plenty of testing centers so that people can find out if they have the coronavirus. He also makes sure that there are clinics available to issue out COVID treatments within the first five days of someone testing positive.

Between testing and having COVID treatments available, hospitalizations have been on the decline.

It’s also why so many people are flocking to Florida. It’s a chance to breathe without a mask mandate. Plus, people can go to work without being told that they need two vaccines and a booster. Life is good.

Well, it was until the FDA decided to step in and pull their approval of the COVID treatment, leaving Florida high and dry in the process.

Why would the FDA pull the two COVID treatments that have proven to work (and work well)? That’s the problem, isn’t it? It’s working too well. When there’s a way to treat COVID, it means that people aren’t all too willing to stand in line, roll up a sleeve, and get jabbed. It offers another solution for those who don’t want to be vaccinated.

The FDA, under the Biden administration’s watchful eye, would rather let people die.

Keep in mind that some people who need the COVID treatments have been vaccinated. We already know that the vaccine isn’t the all-protecting shot that the Biden administration likes to pretend that it is.

This is a punishment for the conservatives. How dare they offer a working solution to those who want to enjoy the freedoms that the U.S. is known for? With FDA approval in place for the COVID treatments, it means that the Democrats can’t exert utmost control over the pandemic – and they can’t be having their control pulled away from them.

In September, the Biden administration took control of distributing the monoclonal antibodies that were being used by the clinical network in Florida. This was so that the rest of the states had their “fair share,” yet that wasn’t really the case as many states said that they had plenty.

The supply was still available in Florida, just lesser than it had been. Still, it allowed Florida to continue to offer a successful management of the pandemic.

The FDA decided that they were going to preemptively pull their Emergency Use Authorization for the monoclonal antibodies used in Florida. This meant that providers across the state were suddenly unable to use their supplies – even if it meant that what they had could save lives.

Nope. Let them die. Let them suffer. Florida cannot be allowed to look like a hero while Democratic states are still struggling with the very basics of the pandemic due to their overbearing mandates.

The Florida Department of Health issued a notice to all monoclonal antibody sites to say that they were closed due to the FDA removing treatment authorization. They also stated that “Florida disagrees with the decision that blocks access to any available treatments in the absence of clinical evidence.”

That’s the real kicker. The FDA pulled the authorization without clinical evidence. The monoclonal antibodies are a working treatment. It’s just that the Biden administration doesn’t want to see it working in Florida. They hate the conservative state and DeSantis because they’re showing how it’s possible to keep COVID cases under control while still allowing people to have their freedom.

The only thing the FDA does want to offer is molnupiravir – and the studies show that it’s no different than the placebo. Essentially, the communications director for the FL Department of Health has said thanks but no thanks.

What a great job, FDA. We’ll make sure that any deaths that happen in Florida are added to Biden’s headcount. It’s increasing by the day…