Photos from Rams/49ers Game Leaves People Wondering Where the Masks Are

The Democrats have become well-known for their “do as I say, not as I do” tactic throughout the pandemic. They make the rules for everyone else but feel as though the rules don’t apply to them.

Governor Gavin Newsom of California has been found violating countless rules regarding COVID-19. And as many times as he’s been caught, you’d think that he’d learn his lesson.


Photos of Newsom and others at the Rams/49ers game in California have left many people asking the same question: where are the masks?

California requires masks to be worn indoors at all times unless they’re actively eating or drinking. This means that you can’t remove your mask so that you can smile at the camera.

It’s clear that NFL games are where you can go to break the rules. Over 70,000 people were present at the playoff game, and most of the people in attendance were not wearing masks. Meanwhile, those on college campuses are being smothered by mask mandates – and LA county even requires N95 masks for walking around the quad.

LA County is pretty specific when they talk about outdoor mega-events, which an NFL game would qualify for. You can’t get in without either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test. AND, you have to wear a mask at all times.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and Governor Gavin Newsom decided that they didn’t actually have to follow those rules – and were caught on countless occasions throughout the game without a mask (And no food or drink in sight, either).

One person, LA sports agent Fadde Mikhail, was quick to share on Twitter that they were seated two boxes away from Newsom and “not once, was he wearing a mask.” Mikhail went on to say that if the governor can’t be bothered to wear a mask in a stadium where there are 80,000 people, why should anyone have to wear a mask? And they’re absolutely correct.

Mikhail was also told that Newsom didn’t show his vaccine card when entering the stadium. Of course, it’s assumed that Newsom is vaccinated, but shouldn’t he be setting the example for everyone else?

The rules in California are only getting stricter – and for nothing. The COVID cases are going up. In fact, COVID cases are almost as high now as they were back in 2020 when there was no vaccine available. The CDC estimates that 64% of the population in CA has been vaccinated.

This means that the vaccine doesn’t offer the level of protection that the Biden administration promised.

It also means that California’s mandates and lockdowns have done absolutely nothing to help reduce the number of cases.

If California’s own governor can’t follow the rules, it’s hard to expect anyone else to. Perhaps Newsom needs to take a few pointers from DeSantis. If Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, wants to show up to a Buccs or Dolphins game, he can do so without a mask and not face rage from his constituents. Why? Because in Florida, people are free to live their lives without ridiculous mandates.

Now, with all of the requirements (and the lack of people following the requirements), let’s remember where the Super Bowl will be held in just a few weeks. That’s right, Los Angeles, California.

Of course, the Public Health Director in LA said they’ll be working to “remind” people to wear their masks. Maybe if they started with reminding Newsom, more people would be likely to wear theirs.

Since they won’t, we should expect to see an uptick in cases soon after all of the Super Bowl commercials are done airing.