Meet the Man Training People on How To Murder the Police

The attack on the police has reached epic levels now that they are finding people boldly instructing others how to build weapons designed to kill law enforcement officers. And the sad part is that liberals support such ideas because they have already tried to do the same by taking away funding used to enforce laws and keep the officers safe on the streets. The very idea of a person trying to pass on information with the sole purpose of killing officers is right out of the liberal playbook on how to cripple peacekeepers.

Christopher Arthur is the man from North Carolina who had been actively producing content that instructed people on how to make bombs and even wire homes to kill invaders such as law enforcement officers who show up and enter the premises.

The FBI has been investigating the man for over a month. They have been watching his every move because they know that he is why some people are going to try and kill police officers. The man has one goal in mind: to murder police officers in any way that he can. Arthur has since been arrested on charges of bomb-making and attempted murder.

Robert Wells is the agent in charge of the investigation. He stated that “Law enforcement officers are being feloniously killed in the line of duty at an alarming rate — 2021 saw the most officers murdered since the 9/11 attacks. The behavior alleged in this indictment, training someone in methods of how to kill or injure law enforcement, is both serious and frightening.”

The very thought of watching a police officer approach a home that has been wired is sickening. But the way the Democrats have been going after the police is equally sickening. They have tried to defund the police to the point that they no longer can employ officers. Many have moved on from liberal-controlled jurisdictions, which means those left are in great danger. The liberals need communities run by the felons and not ones that peacekeepers protect.

Arthur was first found and watched by police after another man was shot and killed after he tried to murder police officers by organizing attacks against federal facilities. The Daily Wire found that Fox News reported on the event that “’three improvised explosive devices in the man’s car and more at his home, as well as a stockpile of firearms,’ Fox reported. Police also found ‘tactical instructional manuals’ from “Tackleberry Solutions,’ which authorities accuse Arthur of writing and distributing. ‘The New York suspect’s phone also allegedly linked him to in-person training sessions with Arthur in North Carolina.’”

It was found that Arthur has had his hand in other dastardly attempts to murder people in authority. But the liberals would never admit that their intentions to defund the police have opened the country up to such devious attempts at attacks.

Arthur was hiding his true intentions under the name of his company, Tackleberry Solutions. Through that means, he was able to tell people how to make effective bombs to be used against the police. He was even instructing people how to work in times of war. The problem is that the people he wants to kill are not the enemies of the United States. They are the people who are working hard every day to protect the population from the very likes of a man that is willing to kill any person that gets in his way. How Joe Biden has opened up the southern border has let these kinds of people into the country.

Arthur was in the business of helping learn how to kill police officers and those in positions of authority. He was willing to take thousands of dollars from people willing to pay for his services. But now that the FBI has finally done its job right, they have brought a man actively seeking ways and people to harm the government of the United States to justice.