Teasers From the White House Indicates the Upcoming Job Report Shows Failure of Epic Proportions

Friday isn’t just the last day of the week — it will also bring with it the release of the latest jobs report by the White House. Given the context of the teasers, the White House is already releasing its promises to be a failure of legendary proportions. With Press Secretary Jen Psaki randomly discussing how the Omicron variation is changing their numbers, it leaves a lot of concern out there as such random outbursts are unprecedented.

Speaking with the press on Monday, Psaki offered some great nuggets of information about the way the numbers will look. “If a worker was out sick during the week the survey was taken because it’s…the data is taken over a week, and that is what the monthly jobs numbers is based on and did not receive paid leave, they are counted as having lost their job. Now, that is an inaccurate depiction, and this is why I think you’re asking the second question — of whether or not they were unemployed, but that’s how it’s calculated. Because Omicron was so highly transmissible, nearly 9 million people called out sick in early January when the jobs data was being collected.”

This idea that we need an explanation of how the jobs are counted is nonsensical. People have been out because they were sick or took a vacation for nearly two years now. The jobs numbers are not suddenly looking worse because we haven’t had this problem. This kind of explanation without any real cause is a bad sign for the Biden administration.

When the numbers come out Friday, many expect them to be full of inaccuracies. The White House has a record of putting out information that is not complete and, instead of telling the American people what they think they want to hear, we can expect it to be even worse than anticipated. No matter how they explain it, this is not good news for the country, and will almost certainly tank the approval rating of President Biden even further.

Given the actions of this administration to fix our infrastructure, get inflation under control, encourage actual growth in the job market, and get this virus eradicated intelligently, there is little hope left for most Americans. We cannot continue to build our future on the idea that things will get better if we just slip in more of the progressive blueprint. They have shown time and again that socialism is their main agenda.

As the blueprint for this plan continues to be unveiled, the American people continue to suffer even greater. Thankfully, we have people like Sen. Sinema (D-AZ) and Sen. Manchin (D-WV) who have been unwavering in their quest to keep the socialist agenda out of our country. These two have prevented Biden from making things even worse in the country or making his jobs report even worse if his plans had gone through.

Every passing day, this country finds itself under attack from outside and within our borders. Between illegal immigrants taking up state resources that should just be for Americans, jobs being lost to COVID or shipped overseas, and the lack of any industrial growth has painted this country into a very bleak time. The forthcoming jobs report is just an idea of how bad it has gotten.

Yet, President Biden is ready to stand behind it. Just remember, when Jen Psaki says “during that same period of time, in the week the survey was taken, the week of January 12th, was at the height of the Omicron spike. As a result, the month’s jobs report may show job losses in large part because workers were out sick from Omicron at the point when it was peaking during the period when — the week where the data was taken,” she means the White House has failed miserably and they are, yet again, blaming COVID instead of fixing the problem.