Elon Musk Jumps to Point an Accusatory Finger at GoFundMe

II.studio / shutterstock.com

GoFundMe has decided that it wants to hide behind some terms & conditions so that it can help out the Democrats. A caravan of freedom has been using the crowdsourcing website to gather cash to fund their trip across Canada.

The truck caravan depended on that cash – the pandemic needs to end and people need a chance to get back to normal. And a similar caravan is already in the late planning phases in the U.S. No more vaccine mandates, no more mask mandates. Just let people enjoy their American freedoms.

GoFundMe is refusing to hand over millions of dollars.

Elon Musk has decided to get involved, showing just how ridiculous the company is being. They are okay with helping groups like Black Lives Matter with money to protest…but when it comes to a conservative cause, the rules suddenly change.

At first, GoFundMe said that they were simply going to review the money before it was released. Now, they are simply refusing to give the money because “We now have evidence from law enforcement that the previously peaceful demonstration has become an occupation with police reports of violence and unlawful activity.”

Here’s what’s even worse about the whole thing. Those who donated to the cause, specifically for the truck caravan, have to APPLY to get their money back. GoFundMe isn’t going to do it automatically. And, if they fail to request the money back by the February 19 deadline, GFM decides what cause they want to donate the money to – and probably something considerably more liberal.

Jim Watson, the mayor of Ottawa (and a liberal), has already admitted that he was behind the whole thing. He even went on Twitter to thank GFM for “listening to the plea made by the City” so that funds weren’t given to the convoy.

There’s a problem with all of this – and this is where Musk had to say something. GFM is claiming that the convoy doesn’t get the money because they have “become an occupation.”

Did GFM suddenly forget when they tweeted support of CHOP, the occupation that took up Seattle when Black Lives Matter barricaded an entire block of downtown Seattle?

They also allowed funding to pour in for countless BLM events throughout the summer of 2020 – and we know that all of those occupations and protests were violent.

The only thing the Canadian truckers are guilty of is honking their horns a little too loud. They haven’t been violent. Yet, they spoke the truth – and people like Mayor Watson simply won’t allow such a thing.

Musk retweeted how GFM supported a number of activities from CHOP. He added the comment “Double-standard?”

It is absolutely a double-standard. GoFundMe has no problem sending out tweets to help CHOP reach its mission. CHOP was responsible for a significant amount of violence and unlawful activities. Nothing that BLM did was a peaceful demonstration. They raised millions of dollars on GFM and the platform happily handed over all of it without even suspending it for a second.

Musk was also quick to call GoFundMe professional thieves. After all, how else do you explain their willingness to steal millions of dollars from the Canadian truck envoy and, then, have the audacity to claim that they can give it to another cause of their choosing. It’s theft, and we all know it to be true.

After a significant amount of backlash, GoFundMe has decided that they’ll automatically refund the money to everyone who has donated. It’s a start, but we know where the money should go.

At least, now, we know that GoFundMe is extremely political about its approach. If you want to support a cause, just go right to the source and leave GFM out of it.