Kamala Harris Stops Doing Another Part of Her Job

Kamala Harris has proven that she’s the worst Vice President in modern times. She got the job simply because she fit the bill that Biden believed America wanted to see: Black and female. No one wanted to see her in the White House, which is why her own presidential campaign ended early.

Once in office, she was assigned to “deal” with the southern border crisis. She made the promise to explore the root causes. Meanwhile, the border has only gotten worse and leaders throughout Central America have admitted that they haven’t heard from Harris in over a year.

Now, there’s been another part of her job that she’s decided to abandon, too.

Since Biden is mentally unstable, the White House decided that it was better if he wasn’t the one to meet with all of the foreign leaders. They passed that on to Kamala Harris. Only, now, she’s not meeting with them anymore.

Her calendar of scheduled events looks rather bleak.

She’s making over $200,000 a year to do…what?

Throughout the better half of last year, she met with the Prime Ministers of Japan, Australia, India, Great Britain, and more. She hosted meetings with chancellors and presidents – and she would often be seen on the balcony with those leaders so that the press could get a few good pictures.

It was as if she needed social proof – see, I’m doing my job!

Those days seem to be over. When German Chancellor Olaf Scholz came to the White House for a visit recently, Harris wasn’t anywhere to be seen. It’s as if she was banished to her office – or perhaps even her home state of California.

Was there a big “oops” with a world leader that we didn’t know about? That doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s as if she has been told that foreign policy is no longer her concern as part of her “reset” in her role as VP.

With her approval ratings plummeting, the White House had to do something. Since she didn’t deal with the border crisis, and there were reports of her being mean to some of her aides, she hasn’t proven to the amazing VP that the Biden administration wanted her to be.

The only thing on her schedule seems to be the President’s Daily Brief in the Oval Office every morning. What she’s doing with the rest of her day is unknown. And media seems to be at a loss as to where to find her. No one has been able to take photos of her doing anything. If this “reset” is supposed to be helping her image, someone failed.

The “reset” seems to have left Harris without any kind of job to do. That’s a pretty big salary for someone who isn’t doing anything…

The only thing that we can see her doing is sending out tweets – and that basically seems to be a regurgitation of what others have been saying. She scolded Americans for not getting vaccinated, saying that they are 15 times more likely to die of COVID without the vaccine. Oh, and she also told us that the future of transportation is electric. Otherwise, it appears that she’s spending the rest of her day just retweeting messages from the president, the White House, and various cabinet members.

There’s a bigger question that needs to be asked. Is there a part of the “reset” that involves replacing Kamala Harris entirely? After all, it’s easier to replace someone who literally has no responsibilities…