Meet the Democrat Who Has Reached His Boiling Point With Mask Mandates

The president continues to alienate himself from those who would once support him as the nations’ leader. The Democrats may have sworn their dying allegiance to the man at one time, but that is changing by the hour as he continues to travel down an anti-American path. The defining factor for many Democrats who have left office recently and those who are speaking out continues to be the pointless pandemic. At some point, humanity surfaces, and people want to be left alone.

Joe Biden is not about to back off his push to force people to submit to his vaccine mandate and mask regulations even when Senator Chap Peterson, who is a Democrat from Virginia, speaks out and tells of his anger for Biden and his presidential push for power.

Peterson is tired of watching children bear the brunt of Biden’s attacks. He pointed out that the vast majority of doctors and researchers do not support the idea of forcing kids to wear masks. There is just no evidence supporting Biden’s claims concerning the need to make kids wear diapers on their faces.

The Daily Wire reported that Peterson stated, “The decision to wear a mask in public – when there is so little correlation with public health – makes it de facto a political decision. In other words, by wearing a mask in a public setting, the wearer can communicate a political message, e.g. ‘I Care About Others’ or ‘I voted for Biden’… You are forcing children to make a political statement that they (and their parents) may not believe. That violates the First Amendment.”

Peterson is a state Senator who is considered to be moderate. His vote in the state senate has allowed Republicans to pass legislation opposed by his political party. This man is so tired of seeing the abuse kids have to endure at the hands of the Democrats that he is willing to join sides with his political enemies to ensure the safety of children in the state.

He noted that “For the past two years, we have seen the lives of our children disrupted and destroyed by a pandemic that posed little, or no threat to them physically. Too many decisions involving children have been dictated by political expediency. As a parent, I’ve had enough,” he wrote. “In the coming days, I will ask the Governor to either send down special legislation or amend existing legislation so as to end the Forced Masking of Children. We will pass that with a bipartisan majority and this sad episode will finally end.”

Democrats in Virginia have moved to keep pushing mask mandates wherever they can, even though the Republican Governor has made it clear it is not to happen. The battleground is often found in schools because the liberals control the school boards. The fight is so intense that some have passed bills that force in-person learning for the children.

Peterson helped draft the bill that made in-person learning possible again. And now he is pushing for an end date for all mask requirements. The liberals cannot just keep stretching out the pandemic, but that is precisely what they are doing. And many moderates are waking up to the fact that the country will not sit back and watch their freedoms evaporate under liberal heat.

Voters in Virginia sent a clear message to the Democrats when they voted out the old Governor and transformed the state into a red battleground. But the Democrats are dense and did not get the message at the school board level. Parents are the ones who are in control of what takes place in the classroom. It is not the school board. Voters elect most boards, and there will be a red wave on their level when the time comes.

The country is ready to return to freedom, and many moderates are leaving the ranks of the Democratic Party and joining up with Republicans. They see the damage and the hurt that Joe Biden has caused, and it is time to change things to be more in-tune with the people’s will.