Iran Unveils a New Missile That Can Reach Israel and U.S. Bases

Russia continues to flex its muscles around the border of Ukraine, and now the Islamic Republic of Iran is testing the waters to show its military strength. Both nations must believe that the United States is no longer the threat that it was under a Republican presidency.

Iran just unveiled a long-range missile this week that can strike United States bases in the region. It also can hit targets within Israel. The Islamic Republic of Iran has continually threatened to destroy the nation of Israel.

The indirect talks between Washington and Tehran are beginning, and it looks like there is going to be an attempt to bring back the 2015 nuclear agreement that was made in Vienna.

Iran showed on state television a new surface-to-surface ballistic missile called the Khaibar-buster. The name is about the Jewish oasis called Khaibar. It is now in present-day Saudi Arabia and it was overrun by Muslim warriors in the 7th century.

Iran state media reported that the long-range missile is made in Iran by the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). It has high accuracy and is propelled by solid fuel. The missile is capable of penetrating missile shields.

The nation of Israel is only 620 miles away at the closest point to Iran, and Iran now has missiles that can travel up to 1,250 miles. Iranian state-run media declared that the missile can travel up to 900 miles.

Major General Mohammad Bagheri, the chief of staff of Iran armed forces, declared at a ceremony where the new missile was on display that Iran will continue to advance their ballistic missile program. This is according to Iranian media.

For a long time now, Israel has threatened to take military action against the country of Iran if the nuclear discussions become unsuccessful regarding lessening Tehran’s nuclear weapons program. Now that this long-range missile has been unveiled, it has created a negative development in the negotiations in Vienna between Iran and five other world powers. They are hoping to restart the nuclear deal that former President Donald Trump pulled out of in 2018.

The Iranian leadership in Tehran believes that their missile program serves as a deterrent to threats from the United States and Israel. Everyone seems to be blaming each other for the lack of progress in the discussions.

When former President Trump pulled out of the accord and started again economic sanctions, the nation of Iran said that the United States was violating the terms of the pact. They immediately began enriching uranium at a level far above the limits that were established in the agreement.

President Biden and his administration have attempted to re-enter the accord. “U.S. officials had concluded that under a restored deal, the amount of time Iran would need to amass enough nuclear fuel for a bomb would be significantly less than the one-year goal under the 2015 deal,” The Wall Street Journal reported.

But Biden’s administration also decided last year that Iran would be able to gather enough fissile material to produce a nuclear weapon in less than a year. They said that Iran’s weapons program was too advanced, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Robert Einhorn is a former State Department Official. He said that if Iran does not have a deal, it will keep rapidly expanding its enrichment program. He also noted that this will “bring them much closer to being a threshold nuclear weapons state. The Gulf Arabs and especially Israel will get very nervous about it,” Einhorn said.

Do you think the world is a safer place since a Democrat has occupied the Oval Office?