Ottawa Police Threaten to Take Truckers’ Kids

As you have likely heard, there is quite a national movement going on in Canada as I write. Hundreds of truckers have come together to create what is being called a “Freedom Convoy” to protest the ridiculous and unyielding mandates of liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But the drive across the country to Ottawa, the seat of Trudeau’s power, was only part of the movement.

Now, those hundreds of trucks sit in Ottawa, congesting traffic and making sure that their owners’ voices and many who support them are heard.

Naturally, the federal government has tried to convince the 418 trucks there to move along and forget their quest to get the COVID vaccine and mask mandates thrown out. But so far, all have been to no avail.

It’s been ten days so far, with no sign of any of them pulling up stakes any time soon.

So what’s next up the sleeves of Ottawa police?

Well, according to deputy police chief Steven Bell, who spoke to Global News, threats of calling the equivalent of child protective services or CPS are being made. Per the outlet, about 25 percent of the trucks sitting in Ottawa are housing children. And so, police are making an effort to break up the protest by saying such an environment is unsafe for these kids.

According to Bell, “Concerns about safety, the risk of carbon monoxide and fumes, the noise levels, (we’re) concerned about cold, we’re concerned about access to sanitation, the ability to shower – there’s a multitude of concerns.”

So far, the deputy police chief says they aren’t seeking any “enforcement activity” surrounding the children presently. However, they have discussed bringing in what they call “CAS” if for no other reason than to get their opinion on the situation’s safety.

As Bell says, “We just think it’s an important factor that complicates and makes this an even more challenging operation.”

Indeed, it does. The presence of children basically prevents them from going in guns blazing and forcibly removing the truckers and their livelihoods from the area.

And as far as the safety concerns for children, truckers say it isn’t warranted.

Take Kathleen Callahan, for instance, whose family, including her five-year-old daughter, has been living out of their truck since they arrived in Ottawa almost two weeks ago. She explains that there isn’t “a parent down here that would jeopardize the safety or the health of their child. We brought them down here so that they could be proud of the moment.”

Another protester explained to Global News that all the trucks’ cabins are specifically designed to be as close to a home on wheels as possible. They are equipped with heat, beds, and even storage and are designed “to be slept in while vehicles are running.”

Callahan added to that, saying that local residents who supported their movement were providing access to bathrooms, showers, etc., so that children and families could still be clean and healthy while they are waiting for the government to hear them loud and clear.

Therefore, this threat is more like a “scare tactic” than anything else.

Callahan explained that it was important for her kids to see this, know that we have rights and the ability to fight for them, and know that they don’t have to live as they have been. She says since her child is young and COVID, with its subsequent mandates, has been around for a while now, her daughter has never experienced the joy of a simple birthday party or the fellowship of a family gathering. Hell, they can’t even all go to the doctor together.

And that is not how she wants to raise her children as if they should be locked away from the wonders of the world.

Kristen Nagle, another protester and a nurse who lost her job due to COVID mandates, says the kids she has seen at the protest haven’t been this happy in the last two years as they are right now, waiting with their families in a truck. And as she explained, the hand-drawn signs and notes stuck on every truck by these kids are proof of that.

But, of course, that’s not what the media is showing. Instead, they’re giving aid to ideas that these children might be in danger. Like Callahan says, it’s “disgusting.”