Freedom Convoy Counter-Protesters Come Out With Confederate and Communist Flags in Support of Lockdowns

Any time people gather to protest, there will be a group there to counter-protest. You can nearly bet your house on that happening. It’s human nature to argue about the points of the protest. So, with the Freedom Convoy in Canada, it was only a matter of time till the counter-protesters showed up to argue their side.

Show up they did – but not in a way many expected. Armed with confederate and communist flags, these counter-protesters showed up at the urging of Prime Minister Trudeau’s people. As Kevin Pac tweeted “The Trudeau Government was so concerned about the dangerous protests in Ottawa, their union PSAC (Public Service Alliance of Canada) emailed all their federal union members Friday, February 11, to go counter-protest in Ottawa. Legacy media… crickets.”

Reading over the letter they sent out, their idea is that they can retake their areas by showing up and claiming the Freedom Convoy has been full of hate. Yet, anyone who has shown up there saw no hate – only love and peace. This stark contrast has been done deliberately, and without any attempts to give the Canadian people the truth.

When these counter-protesters showed up at the PM’s urging, they didn’t come peacefully. They came armed with protest signs and these flags of hatred. They showered protesters with profanity and attempted to start fistfights that were quickly broken up by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and even by bystanders. They used inflammatory and racially charged language at the members of the Freedom Convoy.

When some of the Freedom Convoy leaders attempted to discuss the topics with them, they would just yell and get more irate – much like the BLM protests here in the U.S. The lack of proper discussion and treatment was infuriating to the protestors, but they refused to sink to their level. They knew that the only way to get them to relent would be to discuss the facts openly and calmly, which the group from PM Trudeau refused to do.

Yelling was ineffective, so they moved on to beating vehicles with the sticks attached to their protest signs, and aggressively moving to attack the people there voicing their opinions. They wanted to see bloodshed and to make the protestors pay for disrupting their sheep-like lives. To discuss the facts and the science was simply beyond their reach.

Meanwhile, the Ottawa Mayor found a way to get this to relax – get the Freedom Convoy to congregate more on parliament and let the regular Canadian people resume their normal lives. Something Freedom Convoy leadership was more than amenable to do within 72 hours if the Freedom Convoy Board could get people to move. This idea is incredibly intelligent considering the RCMP has been taking food and fuel from people looking to support the protestors with these necessary items.

Along with confiscating the tokens of support, the courts have been seeking to make any contributions to their funding illegal and to persecute anyone looking to provide them with assistance. These are the moves of a scared government. One that knows its days are numbered as the Canadian citizens are sick and tired of being locked down despite the science saying it is doing more harm than good. It’s difficult for their liberal leadership to accept that the Canadian people are demanding more. More rights to their medical autonomy, more of their freedom back, and more actual leadership from their PM. Considering how many provinces got the message, how long until PM Trudeau comes back and listens?