Democrats Continue To Alienate Students As Mask Mandates Are Left in Place After Lifting Them for Bars

The gators of the swamp have done it again to those who must put up with their pandemic-produced mandates designed to make life miserable for everyone under their control. The Democrats continue to do things that make absolutely no sense. This past week, Mayor Muriel Bower of Washington D.C. lifted all the mask mandates for those who want to visit bars and enter other venues promoting a nightlife lifestyle. But the issue is that the mayor purposely neglected to lift any restrictions for the youth residing in the city.

Many places of business will no longer be required to force customers to wear a facial diaper. The Daily Wire found that Fox News reported “The places where people will no longer have to wear masks will be ‘[r]estaurants and bars,’ ‘[s]ports and entertainment venues,’ supermarkets, pharmacies, retail businesses, private offices, D.C. government offices and ‘[h]ouses of worship. But the district will still require masks at ‘schools, childcare facilities and libraries,’ as well as healthcare facilities, jails, and on public transit.”

The liberals continue their ghoulish treatment towards the youth because they cannot let go of control 100 percent. The Democrats see all the kids as germ factories. They promote that the schools and daycare centers are the epicenters of the virus. And yet, facts plainly show that the kids are immune to the transmission of the virus and its effects. Adults are the ones who have been spreading it around and sharing it like candy.

The nasty mayor was asked by a reporter when they would be able to unmask the youth. And all the mayor could say was, “That’s a good question. We continue to work with our school communities over what they think it will take to keep kids safe and in school. We thought our last group of little ones would have access to the vaccine in February. It turns out it’s going to be sometime later. So I don’t think that we’re going to have a decision about schools sometime soon.”

The youth of today will remember what the Democrats did to them when they can finally vote. It will be the liberals who will suffer the long-term effects of the ill-treatment that they are doing towards the children. The hypocritical standard is indicative of the liberals as they constantly say one thing and do another.

Liberal adults see children as a burden they should not have to bear or care for. The school boards have already abandoned them to the wolves by enforcing standards on them that are found nowhere else in the country. Students of all ages were forced to wear the mask while their liberal teachers and leaders got to run free and engage in the nightlife at the local bars.

The double standard is what got several Democrats kicked out of office in Virginia. The people were sick and tired of the lies and the illegal actions being committed, so when the time came to vote, the Republicans easily took control.

Kids of all ages are ready to show their faces again. Nevada recently reversed its mask mandate on schools, and the kids were seen cheering because they no longer had to diaper their faces to learn in school.

The Democrats will continue to reverse their mandates slowly because it is an election year. They will draw out the issue as long as they can because they want people to think that they care. But deep down, voters have a boiling resentment towards the Democrats because it is painfully evident that they are all corrupt and evil at heart.

The pandemic should have been over a year ago, but Joe Biden needed to string it out so he could have his cover to seize as much power as he could before having to relent and release his restrictions. But his best efforts fell short as he failed to consider that people are more competent than he gives them credit for.