Cruz Makes Bold Move and Submits a Bill That Will Keep Schools From Abusing Kids

The public school system led by Joe Biden and his liberal regime has sought to remove the parental presence from the classroom. And the deceptive Joe Biden has tried to make it possible for people to be incriminated for standing up for their kids during school hours. The liberals need any opposition removed from their presence to find ways of brainwashing the next generation.

Those efforts to protect kids are making headlines and making a difference. But there are times when parents will need the help of a Republican Senator named Ted Cruz. The senator from Texas has submitted a bill that will keep federal funds from any school or childcare facility that seeks to force kids to wear masks or force them to get vaccinated.

His amendment would modify the existing $1.6 trillion spending bill by keeping the money from being sent to the schools that would violate the law.

Cruz is ticked off over the fact that kids all over the country are still the abused targets of the liberals who wanted to exert themselves over the minor child. Cruz stated that “Enough is enough. It’s time to stop the petty tyrants imposing COVID-19 vaccine mandates on families across the country. No child should be denied an education because of their personal medical choice. Schools shouldn’t get federal taxpayer dollars to trample on our constitutional liberties. It’s time for all of us to take a stand. Are you with parents and kids, or power hungry politicians?”

His statement cut right to the heart of the Democratic Party and its insane desire to control people through fear and manipulation.

There would not be any educational facility that will be able to enforce COVID restrictions on the kids fearfully. They will have to accept that kids and life can return to normal. For decades, people have gotten sick during the flu season, and that is just how things will be. But the Democrats think they have the power to control such things.

Cruz also pointed out that his amendment would stop “vaccine-status discrimination to ensure schools do not use coercion, like denial of participation in school sports teams, music programs, field trips, and school dances, unless a child is vaccinated against COVID-19.” Kids will be allowed to engage with other kids without the liberal overlords interfering.

Chip Roy is another who has joined with Cruz to promote the amendment. These two politicians represent the majority of parents who want to see their kids left alone so they can learn in a peaceful environment. The liberals have made the classroom into a pathetic battleground as they attempt to brainwash kids across the country.

Joe Biden has pushed illegal mandates on people for the past year. He and the others are sending a message that the country’s people want him to leave them alone. Biden is meddling with people in the military and all other community sectors. And some of these people have lost it all because Biden thinks of himself as a sinful dictator.

The sad old man has a desire to rule America as a dictator. He needs to force people into complying with is unconstitutional mandates and orders. Biden is so anxious to make a name for himself that he is unwilling to work with others to get things done legally.

The Democrats have lifted a lot of the restrictions that were once in place, prohibiting them from being able to move freely. So, they lifted them for themselves but left the mandates in place for the kids to suffer. And now the kids are crying out to be left alone so they can learn in peace.

The old president cannot see past his nose. He believes that he has the right to force people to worship at his wrinkly feet. But the people in America are the ones that make the final decisions when it comes to governmental agencies and decisions. A lesson that Biden refuses to learn throughout his entire political career.