Kamala Harris Warns Americans of the Costs of War…More Like the Cost of Her Being Our VP

Kamala Harris has been banished to Europe to deal with the possibility of war breaking out between Ukraine and Russia. While she’s there, she’s seeing and hearing things that could have a potential fallout for the U.S. – including higher gas prices.

Now, we’re already dealing with high gas prices thanks to the Biden administration shutting down the Keystone pipeline. Trump worked to get us energy independent. Then, in one day, we were suddenly at the mercy of OPEC again.

And thanks to the laziness and ignorance of both Biden and Harris, we’re going to experience more costs of war.

Luckily, we have Kamala Harris willing to give us a few warnings from across the pond.

“When America stands for principles, and all of the things that we hold dear, it requires sometimes for us to put ourselves out there in a way that maybe we will incur some costs.”

Wait, what? Why does it sound like she’s blaming Americans for what is about to happen?

She issued this warning publicly after she met with NATO leaders in Germany.

The costs she’s talking about have to relate to energy costs. Mind you, we’re already paying more at the gas pumps and in our gas prices at home so that we can stay warm throughout the cold winter months.

Russia is one of the top producers of oil in the world. Going to war with them will cause some (if not all) of their oil to be inaccessible. That, or Russia will jack up the prices so high that we will go broke trying to pay for it.

Of course, we couldn’t possibly expect the Democrats to open up the pipelines so that we could have access to our own oil. That would allow us to hold Russia accountable without incurring any costs along the way.

As Kamala Harris talks, she makes it sound like she has no idea what Americans are already dealing with. We’ve seen inflation that we haven’t seen in four decades. We’re spending more on everything – food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and even medical care. We don’t need to be incurring any more costs.

Harris says, “We’re talking about the potential for war in Europe. I mean, let’s really take a moment to understand the significance of what we’re talking about.”

It’s amazing how condescending the VP can be – and it’s no surprise that she’s had to sleep her way to the top since she’s incapable of talking to anyone as though they are capable of rational thought.

We are more than aware of what the significance is – and it’s why the White House should have started to issue sanctions on Russia months ago. It’s also why we need to open our pipelines – so that Americans don’t have to deal with anything more than what’s absolutely necessary.

We never asked for any of this. So, as Kamala Harris paints on her fake smile to assure us that it’s all going to be okay, we know that it’s not. We knew that she was going to be trouble. It’s why she wasn’t able to stay in the running as a Democratic presidential candidate. She was never supposed to be in the White House.

We got stuck with her when Biden decided that he wanted a black female VP instead of choosing someone who was actually qualified to do the job.

And now, we’re stuck with both of them. This is the cost of having a senile president and a useless VP. Hopefully, the midterms will turn them both into sitting ducks so that we don’t have to deal with their ignorance all the way through 2024.