Trump Left Biden a Secret Letter at the White House?

When you think of White House transitions from one administration to another, you’d like to think there is some sort of a passing of the torch. You know, a book of secrets passed down from one to the next or a staff member that doesn’t change who’s tasked with passing along key information or even a gift to the incoming president.

As far as we know, nothing of the sort happens, even when the incoming administration comes from the same party as the outgoing one. And so, it makes the likelihood of such a thing happening during a transition such as the one from Donald Trump to Joe Biden seem nearly impossible.

After all, if the political left is to be believed, Trump is an uncouth and selfish man, only thinking about himself and his riches. In fact, there were massive rumors that Trump would physically refuse to leave the White House after supposedly being cheated out of his seat by Biden.

And that’s why it might surprise you to learn that Trump did actually leave something to Biden.

According to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, a letter was left on the Resolute Desk for Biden upon Trump’s departure.

During a recent interview, Psaki explained to actor Rob Lowe, on his “Literally! With Rob Lowe” podcast, some of her earliest memories at the White House. One was that she was present in the Oval Office when Biden found and read the letter.

She explained that she actually knew about the letter before Biden did. How? Well, she doesn’t really get into that. Who knows? Maybe she went through his desk. Perhaps Biden’s dementia got in the way.

But I digress…

In any case, Psaki says that she was in the office speaking to Biden about her upcoming first briefing, “talking with him about the briefing and anything he wanted me to convey or what I expected or whatever.” One subject Psaki thought might come up in the briefing was the letter Trump had left for Biden, and so she mentioned it to him.

Biden didn’t seem to know that such a letter existed and said, “Oh, did he leave me a letter?”

Psaki, naturally, was a bit confused as to how she knew about it before he did and told Lowe, “And I was like, am I telling him he was left a letter? I don’t know, OK? So I said, ‘I think so. I think, I think that’s what happened.”

She noted that Biden, then, rummaged around on the desk to find the letter and, upon doing so, opened it and read it to himself.

As Biden did not read the letter aloud, one could only speculate what it said, including Psaki. According to her, the only things she knows about it is that the handwriting of former President Donald Trump was “lovely” and that it was “very long.”

She says Biden gave no indication as to what Trump spoke of or what kind of details it may or may not have included.

And Biden himself has said very little on the matter in all the months he’s occupied the Oval Office. In fact, according to Mediaite, who questioned the current president on the letter, the only thing he would say of it was that it was “generous.”

Now, “generous” is not one of the words usually used to describe Donald Trump or his actions, at least not as far as the progressive left or the media are concerned. And yet, that’s precisely the word that Biden used.

This would seem to imply that for all the times that Trump has been accused of being crass and tactless, there is at least a small portion of him that isn’t. If this letter says anything about the man, it’s that he’s professional, thoughtful, respectful, and not nearly the selfish tyrant that he’s been made out to be.

Now, I’m sure you’re sitting there thinking that the letter might not be as nice as these comments make it out to be. But why then would the letter be kept hidden for this long and not talked about? Wouldn’t the left have propositioned it from the start as proof that Trump is everything they say about him and more?

Indeed, I think they would have, and the fact that they did not speaks volumes about its content and Trump’s true character.