China Takes Advantage of the Russian Distraction To Start Testing the Waters With Taiwan

As Russia steamrolls into Ukraine, the rest of the world is stuck watching from afar. While nations have sent in weapons and supplies to help the Ukrainians, they are just vastly out-armed and outnumbered.  As the majority of the media’s attention is on the story there, the Chinese did what they do best – tested the waters.

Eight Chinese J-16 fighters and one Y-8 reconnaissance aircraft took to the skies over a chunk of sea located northeast of the Pratas Islands at the top end of the South China Sea. This area is controlled by Taiwan, is part of the area that China claims it has rights to, and they have been making challenges for it, especially since the start of the year. While the original incursion on January 23rd had 39 Chinese aircraft, each wave of testing the waters has been significantly smaller.

In response to the incursion, Taiwanese fighters scrambled to head off the Chinese aircraft and air defense missiles were deployed to “monitor the activities”, according to the ministry. As usual, this was their standard verbiage to describe their response to the situation. Granted, Taiwan was already on heightened alert as they feared that the Russian attack could trigger the Chinese to go after them due to the advantage they would have in this situation.

Taiwan intelligence has yielded no evidence of unusual or adverse movements from Chinese troops at this stage. Unfortunately, the Chinese have not sworn off the idea of using force to solidify their control of Taiwan as a part of China once again. Given the propaganda they have distributed over the years, this would be incredibly problematic.

Chinese Defense Ministry Spokesman Tan Kefei spoke out on the issue earlier. “’We urge the U.S. side to recognize the high sensitivity of the Taiwan issue, stop interfering in China’s internal affairs and stop playing with fire on the Taiwan issue.” Meanwhile, President Biden has other ideas for how to tackle the situation.

Recently, a 12-page Indo-Pacific strategy overview was released by President Biden. In there, he vowed that his administration would commit more to the region in the form of diplomatic and security resources. While he failed to expand upon what exactly those resources would do and how they would be utilized, his commitment is a signal designed to deter China from escalating tensions within the region.

Unfortunately for good old Sleepy Joe, this kind of overview does nothing to protect Taiwan. Much like his promised sanctions on Russia if they went into Ukraine, the Chinese do not fear overpaid diplomats or mediocre security measures. If anything, it emboldens them to move forward with their plans as they are capable of self-reliance. They have the money from previous contracts to keep their economy going, ample countries that will continue to trade with them, and they need nothing from our country.

Biden has painted Taiwan, Ukraine, the United States, and the entire globe into a corner. His focus on progressive politics and getting people to use the right pronoun and his horrible job pulling out of Afghanistan is proof alone that he is not the right man for the job. Part of being the nation that the globe calls on to help them in armed conflict is being firm enough to do what is necessary to establish peace. The civilians in these countries sleep well at night because rough men stand ready to do battle on their behalf.

Biden has pulled the rug out from under the feet of these rough men. Much like Hillary did in Benghazi, Biden has known this was coming for Ukraine and did nothing to stop it. Now, he’s on track to do the exact same thing in Taiwan and nobody is going to correct his course of action. For now, we are all stuck offering the same useless thought and prayers, also known as the leftist recipe for everything.