Filthy Train Robber Is Turned In by His Own Mother To Prove Crime Does Not Pay

The thought of a person robbing a train today is practically unheard of. And it causes people that hear about such cases to think they have drifted back to the Old West. But when Joe Biden has made it next to impossible to work and put food on the table, people will try just about anything to get the cash they need to survive in Biden’s world. But don’t tell that person’s mother.

Biden’s world tells every child that there is no competition, and they will get to be winners even though they lost the game. Kids are not disciplined by parents anymore, which shows in their thinking and behavior. Such is the case of 18-year-old Zion Brown, who thought it would be cool and wise to try and rob a train. Except he did not figure that his mother would turn him over to law enforcement.

It should not surprise anyone that the criminal act occurred in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is a city that is high on crime and lacking in law enforcement. People have been empowered by Democrats to commit crimes and not worry about the police finding out about the crime. But when Brown’s mom found out, the police were invited to a confession party.

Brown boarded the train and waited until it arrived at Grant Park’s Van Buren Street Station to pull out his gun and start robbing people. Brown attacked the train operator and threatened him with being shot if he were to try anything. The newly-inducted into the hall of fame for criminals was looking for a quick payday but would tick his mother off instead.

Brown would walk away with $110. The young man failed to think that all public transportation sources are recorded with video cameras. He would not be able to stay hidden for long. Because all it took was for the police to put the video on the evening news, people would start turning him in.

Brown’s mother was in the house watching the news and saw her son’s picture flash up on the screen. She had to think that her son had done something extraordinary such as help feed the poor or some other noteworthy act of kindness. But instead, his name was pinned to a comment asking if anyone could help identify the gunman.

Brown’s mom had a choice to protect her son or teach him a lesson that crime does not pay. She knew it was him, and she would make sure that he was taken to the police and put into their excellent care. Brown always wanted a vacation, and now he gets to share a space with other men that have done other acts of violence.

In a twist of irony, Brown’s mother would drive him to the police station. Once in police custody, she could return home, and Brown could check into his new room.

Brown ended up with an attorney that would come up with laughable excuses for his behavior. At first, the attorney tried to tell everyone that he waved a BB gun in everyone’s face. But no one could tell if it was real or not and not one person wanted to find out for sure.

The judge at Brown’s bail hearing was less than impressed. The attorney stated that Brown was hungry and needed money for a snack before returning to a college class. But the next excuse would end everything for sure.

Judge Maryann Aham could only shake her head at this point. She would end up denying the youth bail and lecture him on what it means to starve and be without food for any time. She was a kid who grew up in a home that did not have a lot of food. Brown would have to stay in jail and await his trial.

The Democrats hate parents that get involved in the affairs of youth. They want them to stay away so they can damage their brains and make them do things that they can get in trouble for. But when parents love their kids enough to punish them for rebellion, there is still hope for America.