Parler Taking On Big Tech As Suspicions of Collusion Erupt

Big Tech companies would specifically target Republican users and ban their accounts for sharing storied news that called attention to adverse facts about Democratic candidates. These people would lose their accounts and move over to Parler to communicate on social media. There is no person around who was not affected by the illegal censoring that happened during the 2020 election.

But Parler would soon fall victim to the attacks of liberal giants trying to earn the respect of the country’s future leader once his election was won through fraudulent means. The story’s irony is that Parler is still around even after being kicked off the platform that hosted their existence and presence in the social media world.

Parler is still fighting for its right to exist and maintains that the social media source was targeted for its willingness to let conservatives use their platform, to tell the truth behind the lies the liberal left was putting out regarding their candidates trying to become the next president.

The company is filing a subpoena demanding files related to Twitter and Amazon teaming up to destroy the Parler family and its presence in social media. The three major giants in tech-land left Parler out in the cold when all three systematically removed it from their platforms. They made it so the conservative site could not exist.

George Farmer is the CEO, and he is determined to fight for justice and the right to exist as a company. He stated that “Parler will continue to fight against Big Tech companies like Amazon Web Services and Twitter that attempt to stifle innovation and free speech through anticompetitive practices. We will continue to stand against cancel culture and the mob mentality.”

The subpoena demands files that would show the “continuing abuse of power and anticompetitive conduct of Big Tech companies.” The entire country knew that Parler was being targeted because Donald Trump had taken his account there and continued to tell the truth behind the illegal activity in the ranks of the Democratic Party. The country had a right to know the truth. They had the right to make up their mind and not be told by liberals what to think or believe.

Twitter was the apparent violator since they were the ones that made it clear they banned people from using their site. Except they were the ones that determined which people got to stay active and which ones would get the digital boot.

Amazon was the next obvious favorite for people to complain about. The company has become so large that companies worldwide rely on them to do business and take care of technology matters for them. Amazon stores data and provides private and secure data storage sites. In 2019, Amazon was said to control over 45 percent of the cloud.

Parler’s app somehow survived the onslaught of attacks by its larger competitors. But its app would end up missing for some time from the internet. Users would receive error codes and not be allowed to access their pages because the insane liberals were trying to censor people and keep them from exercising free speech.

After being squashed by Big Tech after a year or more, Parler made its way back into social media land. Timothy Powderly is the senior director of government affairs for Apple. He sent a letter to several senators telling them that Parler was back in Apple’s app store. He also mentioned that they were removed because they could not protect their users from being exposed to dangerous content.

In other words, he did not want people reading conservative material and reports about Democratic candidates. Powderly fell into the belief that he had to censor people’s right to free speech as communist China does against its people.

The Big Tech companies bullied another competitor into silence. They could not fathom losing so many platform users to a small company. But it would happen anyway as people are fed up with being bullied for having different ideas than the socialist left.