Liberal Voters Eat California Leaders Alive Over Unresolved Issues

The Democrats destroying California are running scared. The socialist agenda they hoped to push failed as voters rejected it. Gavin Newsom came under fire for pushing the ideology and barely escaped a recall election to kick him out of office. But the pressure has yet to fall away as more voters are signaling that they will vote for Republicans in the midterm election.

On the national level, the Democrats fear for their lives as well. The red wave that moved through Virginia provided a clear signal that voters will clean out the trash when it comes time to cast their votes.

Battleground districts will get a lot of attention as the election moves closer. The New York Post quoted a Democrat that said, “If we don’t fix things now, we will get mauled in November. Anyone in a tough district knows it. The rest have their head stuck in the sand.”

The state of Virginia should be a warning for many Democrats. Democrats will not vote for people who are holding to the socialist ideology. They joined up with Republican voters in Virginia and kicked the liberals out of office. And the same can happen in The Golden State. California is a deep blue state, but so was their eastern cousin.

One of the most significant issues that Californians are facing is the issue of clogged-up pores. That one issue has affected the nation and the state. But Gavin Newsom could care less since he still will not allow any truck older than 2011 to operate on the state highways. He is more concerned with environmental issues than anything else.

People that follow the facts and interpret them correctly know that climate change cannot be affected by any one thing a liberal may do. Newsom’s push to keep the stranglehold on American ports makes the state and federal level Democrats look bad. The 10-seat lead that Democrats have in the House will quickly disappear because people such as Gavin Newsom keep bullying voters.

The issues that the Democrats have are not being resolved. And it is a common thought that unless some significant changes are made, the liberal party will lose big in the midterm election.

Joe Biden is certainly not making reelection easy for Democrats in California. Some liberal politicians have made it a point to stay away from the old man because of how much the American voter hates him.

The mass exodus of liberal politicians from the House is another crucial indicator that things will be bad not just on a national level but also on the state level. The Democrats in California worked with Gavin Newsom with the way he handled the pandemic. And for nearly two years, he locked the state down while he and the federal-level Democrats went around with business as usual.

Nancy Pelosi had violated state law on numerous occasions, and nothing was done to punish her. Even Newsom was found to party it up with friends while violating state law. The hypocritical attitude coming from the Democrats will be their demise.

The mass exodus, pathetic policies, and the way Democrats treat people will make a difference in the midterm elections. Californian voters may not have gotten Newsom out of office during the September recall election, but there is always the upcoming election.

House Representatives are feeling the pressure as well. Nancy Pelosi once thought that she would retire to avoid an embarrassing loss in her district. Nearly thirty Democrats have already called it quits because they know that they will lose very soon.

Elise Stefanik noted that “Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s radical policies have caused an inflation crisis, a crime crisis, a border crisis, and multiple international crises in Afghanistan and Ukraine. Republicans are united in our work to flip the House, fire Nancy Pelosi, and save America.”

The state of California is ready to kick the liberal left out of office for failing to resolve issues that continue to plague the state. Pelosi is more concerned with Washington than she is representing the people that Gavin Newsom continues to abuse. And the people will speak in the next election by the way they vote.