Biden’s State of the Union Address Should Have Been Shorter…It’s in the Crapper…the End

The time for Joe Biden to do what all of his presidential predecessors have done is here. Deliver the coveted and historical State of the Union address. It’s a chest-puffing opportunity for presidents to gloat about their accomplishments and to assure the American public that their nation is the strongest it’s ever been. Long may she wave. So what’s Joe gonna have to talk about? 

Nothing Biden could say will be enough to convince any intelligent person that he’s turning around whatever it is he thinks needs turn around, which is pretty much everything. He could have talked about being financially assaulted at the gas pump and the grocery store. He could have even touched on the strongest disunity and division his beloved country has ever experienced.

He did touch on America’s southern border problem that he still believes will work itself out or how paychecks are no longer covering the rising cost of breathing. It even led to Ted Cruz standing up to applaud at the mention of actual border security. A chant of “build the wall” even broke out.

Then, there’s this pesky Russia/Ukrain thing that just turned Biden into a wartime president in a conflict that really doesn’t pertain to the U.S. but because of NATO obligations has placed him between a rock and a hard place. As a reminder. Ukraine is not currently a member of NATO. They merely submitted an application, pending approval. 

Biden stared into a TV camera at a nation that’s battling over how and what to teach their children as more and more educators walk off their “not worth it” jobs. Here’s a thought. Maybe he should have given some of his allotted time to Harris so we know she’s still alive. A few applauds and weak smiles were hardly enough to do the job.

Biden faced a nation where only 29% of its population thinks he’s doing a decent job. He focused on his achievements with the natural death of COVID but left himself an out by saying he still has work to do. He tried to convince a pessimistic public of a blossoming American economy no one can see yet, but hang on folks!

A Republican county auditor from Des Moines, Julia Helms, 52, said there isn’t a single word Biden can say to change public perception of how horrible of a job he’s doing. “He’s got a lot of stuff on his plate but you know what could change how people feel? And pretty fast? What they pay at the pump. I hate to say it. But gas prices really are a barometer.”

Granted, Biden did create a strong economy right out of the starting gate, but it was only due to lessening pandemic restrictions that sent Americans on a spending spree. Once all of that extra loot was spent, crash, back down it went. 

Cal Jillson, a political scientist with Southern Methodist University was skeptical of the speech even days beforehand. “Inaugural addresses sometimes do have an impact because they are big picture, far horizon speeches,” he said. “State of the Unions rarely do because they tend to be listy rather than thematic.”

But first, you have to have a list of accomplishments to read off of and Biden doesn’t even have an index card.

His speech went on for an hour and two minutes. That’s about an hour longer than it really needed to be.