And Another Democrat Bites the Dust and Moves Into Retirement

The midterm elections are a frightening moment in time for the Democrats. They have already seen a deep blue state turned upside down by Republican voters. They are fearful that these same regions will flip back to the red in the House, which will effectively nullify Joe Biden’s adventure as president. The Democrats in the House have realized that they have a choice to make of whether to risk losing a campaign or retire with their dignity in place.

Ted Deutch is the latest in a long line of Democrats calling it quits in the House. There are currently 31 members of the liberal party who are quitting because they do not want to face the angry voters in the fall. They know that they will lose and that loss will end their legacy.

Jim DeFede is an investigative reporter for CBS 4 Miami. He is the one that found out and, as reported by the Daily Wire, stated, “@RepTedDeutch is expected to join the American Jewish Committee. The @AJCGlobal describes itself as ‘the leading global Jewish advocacy organization’ with offices across the US and worldwide. A staunch supporter of Israel, the group, also combats the rise of antisemitism.”

The new version of a Democrat is not like the older version. The old version supports Israel more than the younger generation ever could. And they certainly do not support the terrorist attacks against freedom like the progressive party seems to do.

DeFede has been screwing up politics since 2010. He is an advocate that supports keeping Americans from owning guns, and he likes to try and care when a major catastrophe hits the nation. He is a textbook case of what a Democrat looks like. He wants to act like he cares but will only go out of his way when it suits him to be involved.

Deutch stated, “After serving the public for more than 15 years, I decided I will not seek re-election this November. Public service was instilled in me by my father who earned a Purple Heart in the Battle of the Bulge, and it has been a tremendous privilege to serve the people of Palm Beach and Broward Counties in Congress since 2010. I am incredibly grateful to my constituents for their support and friendship.”

His farewell speech was full of words that everyone expected to hear. Except he would tell the truth about why he was calling it quits. He has served in Florida for well over a decade in a county known for its staunch liberalism. He does not want to suffer the embarrassment of losing to a Republican later in the year.

He did have a track record of being involved with developing relationships with Israel but failed to talk about what kind of relationship he had. There are two types of relationships present towards Israel in America. The first is to support them and stand with them as they keep all their land and not surrender any of it to their enemies. The second group is those that claim to support Israel but want them to give up all their land to the enemy and cease to exist as a nation. The Democrats are typically identified as the second group.

The typical thinking pattern of a Democrat is to speak highly of oneself to make themselves look glorious to everyone else. The longer the Democrat spoke, the more it seemed like he presented a resume. He liked to go into what he had thought he accomplished while serving in the House and even mentioned current positions that he has with other groups.

Deutch thinks that people are going to care that he is gone. His departure could not be better for the state of Florida and the nation. The road to retake the House continues to get more accessible for the Republicans the more the old-timers step out of the way. Challengers will not have to battle the incumbent syndrome, which gives the incumbent a certain amount of popularity.