Black Caucus Responds to Biden’s SOTU Speech By Declaring that Biden and Harris ‘Have Our Back’

“I know that President Biden and Vice President Harris have our back,” Colin Allred said. Allred is a congressman from Dallas who gave a response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address for the Congressional Black Caucus.

This caucus is important for the future of the Democratic Party and the future of Joe Biden if he seeks a second term as president. The speech from the president left some commentators wondering exactly who Biden’s base is in the Democratic Party. It was asked who exactly got Biden elected? Was it the progressives, the black population, people in the suburbs? The answer to this is key to knowing where the messaging is going to go in the future.

Congressman Allred gave all the signals that the Congressional Black Caucus was toeing the line of support for the president.

In Allred’s response, he urged the Senate to pass key voting rights legislations. He came alongside the president in addressing the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Allred talked about his three-day visit to Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital in January. He was there with the House Foreign Affairs Committee. He praised Biden’s response to Russia’s aggression and vowed that his caucus was there to help.

Allred talked directly to the people of Ukraine on behalf of the Congressional Black Caucus. He said that we stand with you in your fight against Putin who is trying to destroy your democracy. He vowed that they would help all the refugees that were forced to leave their homes.

“As African Americans, we know implicitly that you cannot take freedoms for granted, and that democracy is precious and worth fighting for,” the congressman said.

Allred lined right up with Biden by spotlighting the number of jobs that have been created and the economic growth that has taken place this year. He celebrated the $1 trillion infrastructure bill and took credit on behalf of his caucus for achieving this milestone.

“The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law combats economic and racial disparities by reconnecting communities that have been divided by decades of inequitable transportation infrastructure that has too often fallen heavily on Black communities, like in my home in Dallas,” Allred said. He credited the president and his American Rescue Plan with “resurrecting” the economy in America. He described living his version of the American dream by going to last school and the NFL. Now he wants to work with Biden to see that every American can have an opportunity to live their American dream.

Congressman Allred talked about the fact that in 2018, he was elected in the most diverse class of freshmen lawmakers in Congressional history. And he described Biden’s diverse cabinet. He continued in this theme by praising the president’s nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. He said that she may be the first Black woman on the High Court, but she would not be the last.

Allred used his platform to finish his response with an impassioned plea. He asked the Senate to pass the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act. He said that the GOP in the Senate has repeatedly blocked this legislation, but this major voting rights bill must be passed. The congressman is a former voting rights attorney and he maintained that he has never seen anything like what we are seeing at present. He called it “blatant attacks on Americans’ right to vote.”

According to Allred’s response, the Black Caucus is committed to the present administration’s plan to build a better America. We will see if that holds true as we get closer to the next presidential election.