Floridian Governor Gives Update on the Health of His Wife As Democrats Fall Silent

Since the new election year has arrived, Ron DeSantis and his young family have been on the receiving side of vicious attacks by the Democrats. The Floridian governor has had several fake news attacks by the liberal media. But that has never stopped his push to keep making Florida great and dispelling the fake news that the liberals keep sharing about him.

The worst part about his job was watching his wife Casey DeSantis develop cancer and have to fight for her life as she went through the treatment plan. During the dark months, he stayed by her side and cared for his young kids. But he never once neglected his duty to serve the people of Florida.

And in comes the Democrats and their heartless accusations that the governor had forgotten about Florida while taking care of his ailing wife. Their point was to smear him because of the Omicron variant that was spreading around at the time. They made a play that he should have left his wife alone and spoken on television about the variant.

But their false accusations were defused by his staff publishing his schedule, proving that he was very active as governor. DeSantis was proud to come out and give an update on his wife. He stated, “I have a positive update about my wife Casey DeSantis. After going through both treatment and surgery for breast cancer, she is now considered cancer-free. All of you who have had thoughts and prayers that have been given to my family and my wife, thank you for doing that. It’s lifted her spirits and made a tremendous difference.”

The lousy Democrats could only hope for a different outcome. They have remained silent on Casey DeSantis’s recovery. They are more interested in throwing stones at his family, hoping to cause harm and distress for everyone. The liberals had their chance to show compassion, but they sold their souls to the Devil and sought a dark path of revenge to try and smear him as governor.

DeSantis bonds with others suffering from the same type of cancer. He noted, “For all the women out there who are going through breast cancer right now – you can overcome this. I know it’s very difficult, but my wife is proof positive, and this is the exact type of news we had hoped for. She still has more to do, but I’m confident she will make a full recovery. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. God bless you all.”

The best words the family could have heard was the cancer was gone. The disease kills thousands every year. And those that are blessed enough to survive have a lot to be thankful and live for.

The Democrats know that they must take every cheap shot to gain an edge in the upcoming election. The governor’s wife is a big help to her husband and an inspiration to those around her. She is just as much of a threat to the Democrats as the governor himself.

But their dark shots crossed a line that no human should ever cross. They demanded that the government give up on his family and go after a plan they would propose he pursue. But the path they would have him take would only lead to destruction.

The governor’s wife is trying to make Florida a better place to live for all people. She seeks to unite communities and tear down the barriers between people of different cultures. The focus of her approach is to zero in on those who are hardest hit with life issues.

The Democrats’ problem with the DeSantis family is that the family is everything that they are not. The governor and his family care about people, and they seek to make life better for everyone else before themselves. Joe Biden and his crew would do well to follow DeSantis’s lead and learn a few things about how to care for others instead of themselves.