Netflix’s Wokeness Earns Them Overwhelming Laughter

There has to be a line where the “wokeness” of liberals goes too far. For a while, it was amusing to see just how far the progressives would go to demand equality. In an effort to show diversity, they have chosen to ignore history. And now, in the name of being woke, they are simply being foolish.

Diversity is great. It’s important to see more of every race and gender, especially on the big screen. People in every walk of life deserve to turn on the TV and see someone like them.

There’s just one rule: it has to make sense.

Netflix has decided that they’ll be so woke that it doesn’t matter if their content makes sense or not. And it’s causing them to get laughed at because it goes so far past being acceptable.

It’s as if Netflix has decided to throw history and geography away just so that they can appease the liberal snowflakes who find offense at everything.

There’s a new show called “Vikings: Valhalla.”

As the name implies, it’s about Vikings. Most Vikings originated from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. That area contained Caucasian people with red and brown hair. They were fair of skin with blue eyes, chiseled jawlines, and scraggly beards.

There’s no way to change that history. It’s not meant to be racist. It’s simply the way that it was – and there are enough genetic studies to confirm it.

There’s a character known as “Jaarl” Haakon Sigurdsson, a Viking king, which will be in the show. Now, brace yourself for who is going to play the character – Caroline Henderson, a black female Danish singer.

This is where Netflix screwed up royally so that they could look as though they are offering diversity on the screen. They made a Viking king into a Black queen – and somehow, we’re supposed to be excited about this swap.

If the TV show wasn’t about Vikings, then Henderson would be welcomed for the role. So, this is just another way that the liberals have decided to ignore history altogether.

It’s just like when movie producers considered casting a black actor for James Bond. Bond, as created by author Ian Fleming, was a white spy due to being half Scottish and half Swiss. It’s impossible to cast a black actor as James Bond. Again, it’s not racist – simply create a different spy movie that features a black spy and cast a black actor for the role.

Of course, anyone who points out that certain roles cannot involve casting a black person results in the far left finger-pointing and calling them racist.

It’s not even that the casting of Caroline Henderson was careless. It was politically motivated.

Matt Sophos, the narrative director of God of War: Ragnarök explained that the role of a writer is to tell a story that is both relatable and compelling. A trailer of his movie involved a Norse character being played by a black girl. “You bring pieces of yourself to stories and your opinions shine through. So writing is *always* political – it’s just usually only called that if the politics aren’t agreed with.”

And here we have the dilemma. Those on the left see it as a way to create a compelling story, even if that means ignoring history and the element of realism. Those on the right see it as a petty example of wokeness.

We’re supposed to simply accept it as the way that things are.

And, somehow, if a black character were swapped so that it could be played by a white actor, the outrage would never stop. So, it’s not really about creating a compelling story. It’s about being one-sided – and Netflix has proven what side they are on.