Ilhan Doesn’t Want Us Getting Oil From Anywhere…

Ilhan Omar clearly has no idea how the world works. We need oil from somewhere because it’s what powers cars, buses, planes, and everything else. While “going green” is a nice concept, we’re not there yet. The average American doesn’t own an electric car – and there are no electric solutions for freight trucks, tractors, or any other large vehicles.

Omar’s argument is that drilling in the U.S. would hurt the environment. But…drilling ANYWHERE would hurt the environment, right? The reality is, someone needs to be doing the drilling so that we can live our lives. That is, unless we want to go back to the days of horses and buggies.

Ilhan Omar is actually so unreasonable that she doesn’t want us getting oil from anywhere.

Russia is an obvious no as it would only give them more money and more power.

Biden has talked about reaching out to Saudi Arabia as a solution. However, Ilhan Omar has pointed out that “Our response to Putin’s immoral war shouldn’t be to strengthen our relationship with the Saudis who are currently causing the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet in Yemen.”

Now, she has an extremely valid point with this. The Saudis absolutely should not get our business simply because of big bad Putin.

There’s a reason we’re in this mess, to begin with, though. She and other Democrats demanded that U.S. pipelines be closed. Biden listened – and got us into bed with OPEC.

We. Were. Energy. Independent.

Let that sink in for a moment. Had Biden not listened to the Squad, we wouldn’t care if Russia were raising the cost of oil. We wouldn’t care if Iran didn’t want to supply barrels to us. We wouldn’t care what the cost of oil from Venezuela is going to cost. We’d be pumping our own – and enjoying very low gas prices as a result.

Right now, Omar is living in some fantasy world where we’re going to have 100% renewable energy and a transition from fossil fuels to a green economy, as she tweeted back in 2020. All of that is a great goal to have – but it’s not the reality that we’re living in. It will take years if not decades to get there. We need solutions NOW – and, unfortunately, it’s not going to be electric cars for all Americans.

We need affordable gas. The cost per gallon is going up to $4 across the U.S. Some Americans are paying as high as $7 a gallon. It’s completely unsustainable.

Ilhan Omar doesn’t have a solution. She simply wants to complain about it all. She wants to complain no matter where it’s suggested that we get our oil.

What happens when Omar can’t fly home because there isn’t enough fuel for the jet? What happens when her private security can’t escort her somewhere because they don’t have fuel for their bulletproof SUVs?

We need to be energy independent while simultaneously working toward renewable solutions for the future. It cannot be an either/or.

The only reason we’re dealing with this issue right now is because of Omar and her followers who believe that it is an either/or situation.

She pretends to care, but it’s obvious that she doesn’t. She’ll only start to care when the rising costs of gas affect her personally. Until then, she’ll complain – even as the people of Minnesota that she pretends to represent cry out that the U.S. needs to be energy independent once more.