Harris Proves Again That She Is As Clueless as Her Boss Joe Biden

The president and vice president are proving to be the most clueless people. Joe Biden cannot get his act together enough to even wage intelligent warfare against powers that seek to destroy things. He cannot see the harm in letting millions of illegal people into the country. And for some reason, he cannot fathom the idea that to lower gas prices, he will have to let American drillers start producing domestic oil.

But of the two clueless Democrats sitting in the White House, the vice president is the worst person ever to set foot in that office. Kamala Harris does not have the experience required to perform the duties assigned to a vice president. And Joe Biden certainly does not have what it takes to be a president.

Kamala Harris has been assigned specific jobs in the past year. And so far, she has yet to accomplish anything of value. The southern border was to be her baby as she was supposed to find a way to regulate the illegals trying to pour over the border. But all she could come up with was to fly to Central America and accuse those leaders of the mess at her border.

Harris was told to attend the Munich Security Conference, so Joe Biden did not have to go. She, then, proceeded to try and talk about the experience sound-wise but said that it made no sense at all. Her latest attempt at sounding intelligent ended up making her look foolish.

RedState quickly reported the matter and noted that Harris ended up talking gibberish about the sanctions Biden put Russia under. And at one point, she mentioned the Russian leader Vladimir Putin had already invaded Ukraine. With such an announcement, the vice president knew exactly what Putin was going to do and just slipped and gave away the news.

Harris even tried to talk about subjects she had not been prepped for. But instead of telling people that she did not know the answer, she would say things like, “It’s time for us to do what we have been doing, and that time is every day.”

The problem is not that Harris and Biden do not do much of anything, but it makes no sense at all. All she could do was try and speak words of a sheet that might make her sound intelligent. The reality is that she could not come up with the words fast enough and fell flat on her wicked face.

RedState reported that the “Harris’ perpetual ‘dog ate my homework’ act has become a staple of her tenure. The vice president seems to completely lack the ability to prepare and read the room when she speaks publicly. That happened again on Monday during remarks at an event on ‘accelerating cleaner transportation.’ In the midst of Americans getting absolutely crushed by largely government-inflicted gas prices, Harris decided it was a good day to push rainbows and fairy dust about electric buses to connect ‘all’ communities with public transportation.”

Kamala Harris thinks she knows what the population wants to hear. But in the end, she talks about things that people could care less about. The country wants to know what will be done to protect the Ukrainian people. They want to know what will be done to stop Russia and what can be done to lower gas prices.

Harris speaks like she is reading from a thesaurus. She looks up words that mean what she wants to say, but they make absolutely zero sense to everyone else because they are ridiculously fake-sounding.

Kamala Harris will continue to act like she knows what is going on. But when things come right down to knowing the facts, she knows that she is clueless. She is still stuck on the fact that she is a vice president. And until that honeymoon effect wears off, not much can be expected to come out of her office that is worth a nickel to the rest of the country.