Russian Lawmaker Wants Alaska Back…and a Whole Lot More!


A lawmaker from the Kremlin just made a wild demand that the United States give back Alaska and a settlement in California to Russia. He also wants America to pay reparations to Russia over the American-led sanctions that are creating economic chaos in the nation.
Oleg Matveychev is a member of the state Duma.

He stated his demands for the United States as well as Ukraine on Russian state television, according to a report in the Express newspaper in the United Kingdom.

Matveychev wants Alaska returned even though the United States purchased it from the Russian Empire in 1867 as part of the Alaska Purchase. And he wants the former Russian settlement of Fort Ross which is now in California, 90 miles north of San Francisco.

During the interview, the Russian lawmaker called for the return of all Russian properties that belonged to the Russian empire, the Soviet Union, or current Russia and had been seized in the United States.

He was asked after the interview if he was talking about Alaska and Fort Ross. He responded, “That was my next point. As well as the Antarctic.” He said that Russia discovered it, so it belongs to them.

Alaska was sold to the United States government for $7.2 million, which would be $138 million in today’s dollars.

This transaction came at the end of the Russian Empire’s trade expansion and settlement efforts.

There were opponents in America that called this purchase “Seward’s Folly.” William H. Seward was the Secretary of State at the time and was leading American expansion. Seward negotiated for this purchase with Russia’s ruler Tsar Alexander II, the Emperor of the Russian Empire, King of Poland, and Grand Duke of Finland.

No one was arguing about the purchase by 1896 because hundreds of thousands of people were moving to the new territory with gold fever.

In 1812 a Russian colony was established on the Sonoma Coast of California called Fort Ross. Because of a struggle growing crops and tensions around the fort’s border, it was sold in 1841 because it had become a financial liability according to the Fort Ross Conservancy.
Conventional wisdom says that Matveychev’s demands will just be ignored.

But conventional wisdom also indicated that Russia would not invade Ukraine.

Just this week, the United States raised tensions with new sanctions against Russia. The State Department announced these fresh sanctions on President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, an ally to the Kremlin. They also announced sanctions on 11 other Russian officials. Putin responded with sanctions on President Biden and other White House administration officials.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki demeaned the impact of Putin’s move. “I would say, is that won’t surprise any of you, that none of us are planning tourist trips to Russia. None of us have bank accounts that we won’t be able to access. So we will forge ahead,” she said.

The Republican governor of Alaska is not worried about these recent demands. He offered this to Matveychev, “Good luck with that!” Governor Dunleavy wrote on Twitter that his state has hundreds of thousands of armed Alaskans and military members that will see things differently.

There’s more to this crazy story! Matveychev not only wants Alaska, part of California, and the Antarctic…he wants all the return of all the medals that were “unlawfully taken” from Russia’s athletes during all the Olympic Games.

And while America is at it, Matveychev also wants the extradition of all war criminals.
You can’t make this stuff up! I wonder how much vodka was consumed before these demands were made?