Democrats Love Fauci for Declaring That COVID Lockdowns Are a Possibility With New Season Approaching

Yati Yahaya /

Anthony Fauci is not worthy of the doctor’s title that he covets. The man has let his position and title go to his head. He thinks that he sits on the throne of health and has the right to dictate what will happen when a virus makes its debut at the start of each winter season. Fauci has come out of the shadows and alluded to the possibility that Americans will be subject to harsh lockdowns if the COVID virus shows up again.

The Daily Wire noted that Fauci quoted the Center for Disease Control that once the COVID virus returned, there were going to be restrictions implemented on the American people. And it was right there that Americans were all told that once the midterm elections are over, things are going right back down into the pandemic days.

Senator Ted Cruz has made it his mission to chase the small doctor and keep him in check and from terrorizing the country. Cruz tweeted out that “Hell no. Enough is enough.” For petty tyrants like Fauci, they only have one tool in their toolbox: authoritarian restrictions.

Biden kept Fauci on because he needed someone to keep coming up with excuses for Biden to keep grabbing power. He needed another voice to warn of fake pandemics and scare people into believing that their government has all the answers as long as a Democrat sits at the helm.

Fauci was interviewed on ABC. And the Daily Wire quoted him as saying, “Well, as was said, it has this degree of transmission advantage over the original Omicron but not a multifold advantage, so it’s about 50 to 60% or so more transmissible, which means, ultimately, over time, it might take over as the dominant variant. It clearly, throughout the world, it’s about 80-plus percent, 85 percent of the isolate. In the United States, it’s still somewhere around 30%. So it does have an increased transmission capability.”

The Democrats have successfully seeded a new round of pandemic-related issues. Fauci admitted that things were not as bad as they were but would not rule out more lockdowns. He mentioned that the United Kingdom still is battling infections and hopes that it does not make its way over to America. But he failed to mention that the United Kingdom has long since abandoned its restrictions.

The Biden convert also pushed the vaccine again and demanded that people get their shots ahead of a new wave that he keeps telling people is on the horizon. Fauci did admit that he does not see the country going back, but he quickly reversed his statement and mentioned that there is always the possibility of returning to lockdowns. He wants to keep an open mind and stay flexible with the idea.

In other words, the lunatic doctor wants to reserve the right to make that call when the time comes. But he will find it harder to lock people away in their homes and force them to return to mask-wearing once the midterm elections are over. The only reason he still has a job is that a few Democrats are looking out for him. But that is soon to be a thing of the past as the red wave sweeps out the poison.

The virus has all but disappeared from being the ruthless killer that it first was. The Democrats have played the viral card so long that people expect them to lie about it. Only their brainwashed elite will continue to walk around with masks on and wear them in their cars while driving alone.

After the midterm elections, Joe Biden may try and issue out mask mandates and other regulations. And he may even use Fauci to push the pandemic even further. But in the end, the American people are more intelligent than they give them credit for. They see through the lies and will make sure that their votes count in a few short months.