Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay Bill” Threatens To Send Disney Workers on Strike

VIAVAL TOURS / shutterstock.com

Since Florida introduced what the liberals love to call the “Don’t Say Gay Bill,” corporations and groups have been up in arms about the bill. Once it got passed, the outcries got even stronger. Yet, it still is not in effect yet. It still sits on Governor DeSantis’ desk awaiting his signature, and that sweep of the pen is not yet completely certain.

In the wake of this bill, Walt Disney Co. is finding itself in perilous waters. While they have a very diverse workforce, the overwhelming pressure from the left to bend the knee and speak out about this bill is disgusting. The company is turning its back on the principles of Walt Disney, and they risk alienating the conservative consumer who has a brain. The same group of people who made the brand into a household name.

This bill simply makes it so kids are not being indoctrinated with these hair-brained ideas that being a part of the LGTBQ+ community is something every kid should aspire to. They don’t want teachers forcing their beliefs on students. Simply put, the sex talk belongs at home and that is what this bill intends to do.

Appropriately titled “Parental Rights in Education,” this bill puts the power of education back into the hands of the parents. Where it has been for decades, and where it belongs. Over the past few years, many have tried to erode this idea and put more power into the hands of politicians and school boards. Both groups are most often led by liberals. Either in numbers or in sheer volume from the loud, mouth-breathers who take up the seats. They push their agendas on the communities and the kids, and then wonder why the school has such low graduation rates and high teen pregnancy numbers.

It’s also these same people who want to bring the drag queens into the Pre-K to tell sexual jokes and do storytime with your kids while their tuck job slips out from their gowns. They believe that it’s never too early to learn about sex and that you need to learn about and respect every orientation before deciding your own is laughable at best.

Certain educational topics belong in the home. Sex-ed is one of them, and the idea of perverting an already touchy subject by having a bunch of people who have no idea what straight even looks like trying to tell kids they are wrong for not being at least a little gay is a horrific future for our kids. The elected officials in Florida are doing their damndest to make it a better state. To make our schools safer and to ensure the people get a quality education and one that is free from this mental abuse and games.

Walt Disney Co. is in for the fight of their life if they try and shove this down consumers’ throats. For decades, they have been steadily raising ticket prices despite the excellent competition in Orlando. This move right here might prove enough to send conservatives back to Universal Studios, Sea World, and Busch Gardens. These theme parks didn’t cower to the CDC masking ideas as Disney did, either. They instead largely took their direction from Gov. DeSantis and his guidance for the state of FL. This tutelage is why FL is now so low on COVID cases. Perhaps this bill will be the next great idea this man passes down to help save the kids.